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  1. Armitage72 commented on Get Fuzzy 18 days ago

    Too bad Rob included PETA on his list.
    A bunch of publicity-crazed clowns whose over-the-top antics do more to harm the image of animal rights groups than help animals.
    Granted, this is a ten year old comic. A lot of their more ridiculous stunts were more recent.

  2. Armitage72 commented on Luann 24 days ago

    The problem with California’s Proposition 65 warning is that there’s no minimum threshold for the warning.
    OSHA considers a carcinogen to be a hazard if it’s in a product at 0.1% or greater.
    Something could contain 0.00000000001% carcinogen and California would require the warning.

  3. Armitage72 commented on Matt Bors 28 days ago

    You’ve clearly missed how it works.
    If the Iraq withdrawal is going badly, it’s entirely President Obama’s fault.
    If the Iraq withdrawal is going well, it’s based on President Bush’s plan and President Obama has nothing to do with it.

  4. Armitage72 commented on Pearls Before Swine about 1 month ago

    It’s not as though the character would be unknown to younger people.
    The comic was published until 1994 and there were animated cartoons in 1980-1984 and 1996.
    There was also the 1994 Macaulay Culkin movie and the 1998 David Gallagher direct-to-video sequel.

  5. Armitage72 commented on Over the Hedge about 1 month ago

    I haven’t seen the movie, but the wrecked Statue of Liberty shown in the trailer is the replica in Las Vegas. You can see the roller coaster track behind it.

  6. Armitage72 commented on Over the Hedge about 1 month ago

    Fin Fang Foom, from Marvel Comics, is the only giant fire-breathing reptile I’m aware of who wears underwear.

  7. Armitage72 commented on Pearls Before Swine about 1 month ago

    Mystery Science Theater 3000 had:
    “To infinity and…”
    “Disney! Lawsuit!”
    “..somewhere else!”

  8. Armitage72 commented on Rob Rogers about 1 month ago

    “The guy who loved gun control”
    Hitler relaxed the existing gun restrictions that were put in place after WWI, as long as the gun owners weren’t Jewish.
    “Socialized medicine”
    Association fallacy. Government-run health insurance plans have nothing to do with Naziism. Most Western industrialized nations have similar programs and they’re not Nazis.
    “Anti Israel”
    He was opposed to a country that hadn’t existed for hundreds of years and wouldn’t exist again until several years after he died? That’s quite a feat.
    Thank you for playing. And thank you for supporting Godwin’s Law.

  9. Armitage72 commented on Rob Rogers about 1 month ago

    As long as there is even the slightest chance that Hillary will run for President in 2016, the Republicans will continue to beat the Benghazi drum and reopen the investigation as many times as possible.
    It’s the only opportunity they have to smear her…although now there’s that “brain damage” nonsense.

  10. Armitage72 commented on Luann 2 months ago

    @Torad07 & ORMouseworks:

    “Tahiti…it’s a magical place” is a reference to the Agents of SHIELD TV series and an ongoing mystery from the first half of the season. The lead reflexively said that line whenever his R&R in Tahiti was mentioned.
    (Avoiding spoilers)