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  1. Armitage72 commented on Lio about 1 month ago

    He’ll be fine as long as he has his towel.

  2. Armitage72 commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 4 months ago

    Arsenic and lead are included in the regulatory list of “Nonsynthetic substances prohibited for use in organic production”. Mercury and radioactive materials are prohibited by other food safety regulations that take precedence over organic regulations.

  3. Armitage72 commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 4 months ago

    When produce, meat, and other foods are marketed as organic, they’re using the USDA definition, not the chemistry definition. As Led Zeppelin said, “sometimes words have two meanings.”
    In chemistry, organic means that something contains carbon.
    In agriculture, organic means that something was grown and processed using only naturally occurring substances.

  4. Armitage72 commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 4 months ago

    Her organic certification would also depend on what types of soaps she uses. If they contain synthetic ingredients that are sufficiently persistent that they don’t readily rinse off with water, the residue would prevent her from being rated as organic. There would also be problems with any medications she’s taken in the past.

  5. Armitage72 commented on Frazz 5 months ago

    During that era the “average life span” was lower because of the large number of children that died before the age of 5.
    If someone survived early childhood, they were likely to have a lifespan not that different than that of a modern person.

  6. Armitage72 commented on Perry Bible Fellowship 7 months ago

    If they eliminate the comics with nudity, sex, or graphic violence, there’s a smaller pool to draw from.
    But seriously, there are a lot of “acceptable” comics that haven’t been shown here yet. The repeats are odd.

  7. Armitage72 commented on Monty 7 months ago

    Maybe next, Delia can get the spirits to communicate via “knocks” by loudly cracking her toe joints, like the women who started Spiritualism in the first place.

  8. Armitage72 commented on Monty 8 months ago

    That was a cat named Heathcliff (no relation) in the 1948 Warner Brothers cartoon “Dough Ray Me-ow”.
    “Breathe stupid, breathe! You forgot to breathe”
    Baby Huey’s shtick was was that he was a naïve child who didn’t realize the damage his strength caused, and always trusted a fox that was trying to eat him.

  9. Armitage72 commented on Lio 8 months ago

    Years ago, I worked a retail job that allowed us to wear costumes to work on Halloween. One year, I dressed as a vampire hunter, complete with stakes and a mallet.
    One child looked at my arsenal curiously
    “What’s the hammer for?”.
    “To drive in the stakes.”
    “But you just stab them in with your hand.”
    Like many of the Buffy writers at the time, the child didn’t realize that, without the title character’s superhuman strength, the ribcage is going to be a bit of an issue.

  10. Armitage72 commented on Monty 9 months ago

    If he enhances their intelligence too much, he’ll need to start worrying about what they want to do tonight.
    The same thing they do every night. Try to take over the world.