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  1. spiderlegs54 commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 1 month ago

    film?? whats that. Calvin will have to return from future/past to the present.

  2. spiderlegs54 commented on Clay Bennett 2 months ago

    yes and WHO will hold their hand and take them back to their own country (assuming we guess the right country) drive them to their house and make sure they are safely deposited on the doorstep of caring parents in a safe environment? Or were we just going to dump them at any one of the junctures? To me that is what the toon is about, a complicated situation with no easy or RIGHT answers.

  3. spiderlegs54 commented on Clay Bennett 2 months ago

    Good post. If we take into account more than one viewpoint, won’t we have to make up our own mind and use common sense, rather than the black and white blatherings of ANY single source? A good cartoon that enables a good conversation. I agree that the answers are multi-faceted and more complicated than sticking our head in the sand and keeping all people out of our globally situated nation.

  4. spiderlegs54 commented on Clay Bennett 3 months ago

    Two unsurprisingly simplistic points of view

  5. spiderlegs54 commented on Mike Luckovich 3 months ago

    The basic that’s missing here is, simply, that few, if any, in the Middle East even have any sense of “Country”, or “Nation”, or much else other than a fanaticism concerning THEIR OWN brand of Mohammedism. Even Afghanistanis are far, Far, FAR more clan-tribal oriented than “nationalist.

    I would submit, very many in the US have a tribal, clan mentality. When they start talking of government intervention and Nimby type protests, I get the feeling they are supporting and “protecting” ME and MY group. In my mind, nationalism is about celebrating the whole country and all its differences and gifts.

  6. spiderlegs54 commented on Jeff Stahler 5 months ago

    excellent visual metaphor. Insensitive to Sherpa. Makes them a cartoonish

  7. spiderlegs54 commented on Jeff Stahler 5 months ago

    I mostly agree with you. I would, however raise the opinion that …. Anything is unfair to someone.

  8. spiderlegs54 commented on Clay Bennett 6 months ago

    We’d like two tickets to reality based earthcare.

  9. spiderlegs54 commented on Rob Rogers 6 months ago

    It’s one thing to stand on the sidelines and LET something fail. That is bad enough and is sin by Omission. Its something else again to work hard to MAKE the law fail, sometimes with out and out misdirection and falsehoods. Can’t we work together seems to be a tired and unworkable stance, but is still the only way forward.

  10. spiderlegs54 commented on Nick Anderson 6 months ago

    Lets take your analogy a little further. In insurance well people pay for insurance they don’t use in a pool where it pays for sick people. For most of us healthy people, if we saved and allocated our money wisely, we would seldom need help when we were sick. Insurance is all about spreading risk around and always has been. Rich, poor, young, old are mixed together to come to some equitable average cost that benefits everyone. catastrophic cost for healthcare makes it pretty much necessary for all to have insurance. That even covers those prudent young people who get hurt or sick when they least expect it. No one EVER wants to pay in advance for health care