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  1. jancy commented on It's All About You over 3 years ago

    How about an App that reminds people who have loud conversations in public that said conversations are not private.

  2. jancy commented on FoxTrot over 3 years ago

    Rent the original “Planet of the Apes”. This is a reenactment of the last scene.

  3. jancy commented on Non Sequitur over 3 years ago

    I never go anywhere without seeing someone texting while trying to drive. Some think no one can see them, others don’t care. Have started hitting my horn every time they start wandering over all lanes. Only one realized it was him I meant to warn. The others have been oblivious.

  4. jancy commented on Pluggers over 3 years ago

    More and more are planting in containers, I have some on my deck this year. If all the blossoms on my tomato plants mean anything, I am going to be making lots of new friends, in addition to making old friends happy.

  5. jancy commented on Overboard over 3 years ago

    Store bought tomatoes are never as tasty as home-grown.

  6. jancy commented on Henry Payne over 3 years ago

    I was amazed that Congress was able to find 250 million just sitting around, not earmarked for anything. Makes me wonder if there are more funds available to buy down the debt a bit. But don’t forget though, the bill has to be signed by the President.

  7. jancy commented on Doonesbury over 3 years ago

    I pay my taxes out of my small paycheck, then most of my deadbeat relatives can sleep late and lounge around all day. So, as long as i go to work everyday for the rest of my life and pay what is considered my share in taxes, the rest of them (my relatives only of course) get what they “need” for a good life???!!! Sounds fair too me.

  8. jancy commented on Doonesbury almost 4 years ago

    Or they are interrupting because some local politician got caught doing something naughty.

  9. jancy commented on Tim Eagan over 4 years ago

    Every time I have voted, I have had to show a government issued picture ID no matter what state. The first time I voted in SC I had a brand new Voter’s Registration card, I had to show a picture ID also because it was the first time I used it. (that was the reason given) That was in ’97.

  10. jancy commented on Henry Payne over 4 years ago

    Just a couple of comments on some of the posts:

    The employer, not employee pays 100% of the unemployment insurance premiums. It is a common, though mistaken belief that the opposite is true.

    Who decides what is affordable as far as health insurance premiums? And why should anyone be taxed 1% of their income if they decide to pay their bills and feed their children Instead?