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  1. nkbush1787 commented on Luann 8 days ago

    That Weenie World looks awfully like a Taco Bell lol. And I didn’t care for high school really. My marks were fair enough, but I had hardly any friends ( sitcomsonline.com/messageboards were sort of my friends, LOL…ended up meeting one in person ten years later, hehe!)

  2. nkbush1787 commented on Stone Soup 11 days ago

    We get it, Jan…the kids don’t want to go to school…hopefully Monday is a new topic…

  3. nkbush1787 commented on Luann 14 days ago

    The teacher SHOULD be Ann! I wonder what class she was attending.

  4. nkbush1787 commented on Stone Soup 17 days ago

    I want to know if anyone does this realistically…especially in NEastern Wisconsin…

  5. nkbush1787 commented on Stone Soup 21 days ago

    How about a slap in the face, missy? THat’s what I would have got if I were acting like that…my mom told it like it is…if you didn’t roll with the changes, there would be consequences.

  6. nkbush1787 commented on Stone Soup 22 days ago

    Maybe she can pay off Evie again to take the kids shopping…better yet, make Arnold do it! I bet the kids would take advantage of that and buy whatever they want and Val would FREAK since Arnold probably wouldn’t have an idea of what the trends are and whether the clothes are slutty or not…

  7. nkbush1787 commented on Stone Soup 28 days ago

    Forget the beach…I want to be at a semi-busy Starbucks in a downtown urban city center with major upscale shopping nearby (Crate & Barrel, Express, Microsoft or Apple store, etc.) :-)!

  8. nkbush1787 commented on Luann 30 days ago

    I"m getting bad “vipers” about her/him/etc…

  9. nkbush1787 commented on Luann about 1 month ago

    My first rule of college: NO roomates, even if it meant more student loans. I want to come to my place of residence and not have to worry about the mates stealing food, doing it on the couch when I open the door, and having to consider other people’s feelings and concerns when you want to do things within your living quarters…I loved living alone!

  10. nkbush1787 commented on Luann about 1 month ago

    LOL @IamJayblue I knew you’d make a Delta Airlines reference!