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  1. nkbush1787 commented on Cathy 8 days ago

    My husband doesn’t really like shopping by himself…he likes going with me, because he knows how much I like to shop, and it’s easier for him when he’s with me! We don’t make a big deal about it. If he doesn’t want to go, I just go alone…no need to make a mountain of a molehill.

  2. nkbush1787 commented on Luann about 1 month ago

    Nah, I’m enjoying it!

  3. nkbush1787 commented on FoxTrot 4 months ago

    Being a gay guy, and not wanting kids, I never HAVE to worry about that!!! Score one for me!

  4. nkbush1787 commented on Luann 7 months ago

    I’m sorry, Greg…I love Luann, but this week is a complete BORE!!!!!

  5. nkbush1787 commented on Luann 9 months ago

    I’m wearing Hanes Boxer Briefs right now! How about you?

  6. nkbush1787 commented on Luann 10 months ago

    I think that’d be a great storyline! Bernice does have that “lesbian” look…but not a butch look…not really lipstick either…

  7. nkbush1787 commented on Luann 10 months ago

    So glad to have a break from the Luann/Quill thing…it’s starting to get on my nerves…I love the comic, but the dragging on and on…and now Taylor Swift is going to spend the week consoling Luann and proving her image that Luann thought of her wrong, and they’ll be shopping at the mall together by the end of the week.

    I just predicted the next week’s arc…now scrap it and move on to a new storyline, PLEASE. :-)

  8. nkbush1787 commented on FoxTrot 11 months ago

    Shrimp and mushroom pizza, please. Why does the ONLY ingredient on 99.99999999999999999999999% of everyone’s pizza HAVE to be pepperoni????

  9. nkbush1787 commented on Luann about 1 year ago

    I havent read the comments lately, but does Pru remind you of Taylor Swift???

  10. nkbush1787 commented on Cathy about 1 year ago

    I got lucky…I got a new to me home…no having to work on it….no having to wait for it to be built…and no, it’s not in upscale suburbia (I don’t WANT to be in upscale suburbia), and the location is great (near downtown, in a decent quiet neighborhood) for less than $50,000 in a city with a Metro of 750,000! I got very lucky! And no, I’m not on HUD, or any kind of government assistance!