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  1. nkbush1787 commented on FoxTrot 19 days ago

    Shrimp and mushroom pizza, please. Why does the ONLY ingredient on 99.99999999999999999999999% of everyone’s pizza HAVE to be pepperoni????

  2. nkbush1787 commented on Luann 3 months ago

    I havent read the comments lately, but does Pru remind you of Taylor Swift???

  3. nkbush1787 commented on Cathy 4 months ago

    I got lucky…I got a new to me home…no having to work on it….no having to wait for it to be built…and no, it’s not in upscale suburbia (I don’t WANT to be in upscale suburbia), and the location is great (near downtown, in a decent quiet neighborhood) for less than $50,000 in a city with a Metro of 750,000! I got very lucky! And no, I’m not on HUD, or any kind of government assistance!

  4. nkbush1787 commented on Stone Soup 5 months ago

    She’s allowed to be selfish! We all are! We don’t have to ALWAYS think of others! Let her have this!

  5. nkbush1787 commented on Cathy 5 months ago


  6. nkbush1787 commented on Stone Soup 5 months ago

    Skylark…though it is important to show manners, you can’t be 100% nice ALL THE TIME…I would hate it if my parents acted the fake nice way that parents would to their kids on soap operas, and the way soccer moms are fake nice toward their kids in public…no thanks.

  7. nkbush1787 commented on Luann 6 months ago

    Please Greg…let Gunther come out as gay already! Thank you!

  8. nkbush1787 commented on Stone Soup 7 months ago

    Where I’m from, it’s all done digitally via their laptops in their patrol cars, so the “running out of tickets” thing wouldn’t happen here. But he IS on a motorcycle…and this IS the late 1990’s when this took place…

  9. nkbush1787 commented on Cathy 8 months ago

    They were drawn for each other :)

  10. nkbush1787 commented on FoxTrot 8 months ago

    Yup! More interesting than the comic book joke…there are gay people out there who read this strip that appreciate the plug for Gay Pride, so I thought I’d add some humor, as the comic books don’t interest me.