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  1. BillJ-MN commented on Bad Reporter 24 days ago

    The employer isn’t paying for birth control or for health care. The employer is paying for the employee’s labor. Period. One aspect of that payment can be access to standard insurance plans at group rates, but it’s still just compensation for the employee’s labor. The portion contributed by the employer isn’t categorized as insurance on the employer’s financial statements. It’s also not a gift expense. It goes into the payroll account on the financial statements because it’s compensation for the employee’s labor. As such, the employee has earned it and the employer has no more right to tell the employee how to use their insurance than they do telling them how to use their cash.
    It’s a misunderstanding to say that the employer is paying for insurance. It’s the employee that pays.

  2. BillJ-MN commented on Non Sequitur 25 days ago

    I’m happy to have brought some pleasure to your day.

  3. BillJ-MN commented on Doonesbury 26 days ago

    That’s always been one of my favorite Doonesbury comics of all time.

  4. BillJ-MN commented on Heavenly Nostrils 26 days ago

    Phoebe is young enough that she could as easily have picked it up from her parents as from a more “hip” source.

  5. BillJ-MN commented on Non Sequitur 26 days ago

    I’’ve addressed the poor logic and poor science you presented many times in the past. A quality refutation would take much more space than is appropriate for this sort of forum. But I’ll try a brief reply.
    Your variation of the 747 from a tornado in a junkyard ignores how complexity actually evolves. Variation in reproduction happens all the time and there is a mechanism for retaining some of those changes in natural selection. In your poor analogy, there is nothing to preserve pieces that fall into the right position so it naturally wouldn’t produce anything.
    As for your god of the gaps, it only pushes the question farther down the line. If what we see requires an intelligent designer, then clearly that designer is more complex and would require its own designer. And so on and so on.
    Lastly, what really puzzles me is monotheism. I can’t see any sort of logical argument for a deity that would restrict it to a single one. That’ has never made sense to me.

  6. BillJ-MN commented on Non Sequitur 26 days ago

    Actually, it’s the theists who jump to conclusions. They look at the things that we can’t answer YET and jump to a goddidit conclusion.
    Your first statement about science isn’t true at all.

  7. BillJ-MN commented on Non Sequitur 26 days ago

    That is a self-serving and inaccurate description of the scientific assumptions with regard to laws of nature. A better way to state it is that science assumes that everything operates according to observed and tested laws of nature unless given reasonable evidence to assume otherwise. There is no presupposition of the absence of gods. It’s more like carrying on with observations and testing in the absence of any evidence of gods or supernatural intervention.

    That is science, not religion. And it IS an honest examination of facts.

  8. BillJ-MN commented on Doonesbury 5 months ago

    I used to smoke every deer hunting season and stopped at the end. Then, the year I started college, I didn’t stop. I was 19 (legal drinking age at the time) and it seemed natural to smoke in a bar. I was working food service and smokers got extra breaks, too. Lastly, I was dating a smoker who became my wife. This was just about the time a pack crossed over $1. Finally, about four years after starting regular smoking, we both quit when we became parents. That’s coming up on thirty years ago now. I still get the occasional mild craving.

  9. BillJ-MN commented on Dilbert Classics 7 months ago

    This is Dilbert we’re talking about. I don’t think that’ll be a problem.