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  1. JohnHarry commented on Rose is Rose 1 day ago

    Careful here – you might be charged with Unsubstantiated Neglect for sending your child outside.

  2. JohnHarry commented on Tom Toles 4 days ago

    Too bad you can’t spell – maybe you don’t speak good also?

  3. JohnHarry commented on Tom Toles 7 days ago

    Look carefully, the Repubs seem to want to go back to the early ’50’s. You know – Happy Days. Blacks didn’t have the right to vote, women “knew their place” we just won the Big One. All was right for the he white middle class male.
    Those guys are 60-70-80 now, the world has left many of them behind and they don’t want to move forward, computers confuse many etcd. etc. – hence the tea party.
    just had a Repub legislator in SC call a fellow legislator (a woman) “a lesser cut of meat”. Keep ’em barefoot and pregnant and in the kitchen is the GOP motto. Oh yes – and uneducated.

  4. JohnHarry commented on Robert Ariail 16 days ago

    “Fair Lindsey” will wind up as we say -A$$ deep in alligators.
    Don’t ask -Don’t tell.

  5. JohnHarry commented on Jeff Danziger 17 days ago

    Yeah -like yesterday

  6. JohnHarry commented on Nick Anderson 22 days ago

    Yes – all 2 of them.

  7. JohnHarry commented on Liberty Meadows 22 days ago

    You and the rest of us wish!
    Ain’t gonna happen – sadly.

  8. JohnHarry commented on Dogs of C-Kennel 23 days ago

    Nice – real snappy -pithy too.

  9. JohnHarry commented on Nick Anderson 23 days ago

    Is it hard removing your head from it?

  10. JohnHarry commented on Nick Anderson 23 days ago

    So you modern christians have completely $h!t canned the old book?