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  1. JohnHarry commented on B.C. about 17 hours ago


  2. JohnHarry commented on Tom Toles 6 days ago

    I wonder where they learned how to do it?
    Oh that’s right – the Fox training Camp in the Arizona desert .

  3. JohnHarry commented on Nick Anderson 7 days ago

    WOOPIE! The Clown Car is back on the road!

  4. JohnHarry commented on Signe Wilkinson 20 days ago

    Spend all your time sucking in Fox News?
    Doesn’t all that cognitive dissonance ring any chimes?

  5. JohnHarry commented on Dogs of C-Kennel 21 days ago

    Always be the lead dog . . .

  6. JohnHarry commented on Jeff Danziger 21 days ago

    Actually fairly true here in the south. SC had to pass a law that municipalities could NOT raaise more than 49% of their budget from vehicle violations. Jasper and Beaufort Counties among the leaders.
    Jasper had a speed trap camera on I95 for quite a while automatically taking pictures and sending out tickets. They also used to have a plea of “guilty with help” you paid the fine plus a “handling fee” and they didn’t report it to the state or insurance companies.
    Ah – capitalism at work.

  7. JohnHarry commented on Non Sequitur 21 days ago

    In FL it’s mostly a mental desert.

  8. JohnHarry commented on Rose is Rose 27 days ago

    Careful here – you might be charged with Unsubstantiated Neglect for sending your child outside.

  9. JohnHarry commented on Tom Toles 30 days ago

    Too bad you can’t spell – maybe you don’t speak good also?

  10. JohnHarry commented on Tom Toles about 1 month ago

    Look carefully, the Repubs seem to want to go back to the early ’50’s. You know – Happy Days. Blacks didn’t have the right to vote, women “knew their place” we just won the Big One. All was right for the he white middle class male.
    Those guys are 60-70-80 now, the world has left many of them behind and they don’t want to move forward, computers confuse many etcd. etc. – hence the tea party.
    just had a Repub legislator in SC call a fellow legislator (a woman) “a lesser cut of meat”. Keep ’em barefoot and pregnant and in the kitchen is the GOP motto. Oh yes – and uneducated.