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On A Claire Day by Carla Ventresca and Henry Beckett

On A Claire Day

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  1. Larry commented on Rob Rogers about 1 month ago

    Are the above comments NewSpeak? “Surveilling” and “radicalizing” ARE English, I suppose, just a new kind.
    New words for new times, which are a changing.

  2. Larry commented on Clay Bennett about 1 month ago

    Outstanding cartoon with the message clear and profound.
    Bennett is one of the best editorial artists ever.

  3. Larry commented on ViewsAfrica about 1 month ago

    Good cartoon, insightful.

  4. Larry commented on Jeff Stahler about 1 month ago

    So did Edward R. say that neat thing about deserting freedom?

  5. Larry commented on Steve Breen about 1 month ago

    “Golden State poverty level highest in US – report” ; should identify the report.
    The implication is that immigrants are the cause of the high poverty level. But is that correct?
    Secondly, I see an increasing number of “Hispanic” surnames in business: “Ruiz Trucking”, “Hernandez Constructing” sort of thing (and more power to them) suggesting that these people are working their way up out of poverty.

  6. Larry commented on Chip Bok about 1 month ago

    Gypsy, AMEN to that.

  7. Larry commented on Michael Ramirez about 1 month ago

    Infamy, barbarism.
    Still wanting revenge.
    Never forget.

  8. Larry commented on Jim Morin about 1 month ago

    Football is a game, a show of sport and not a place to impose one’s politics on viewers.
    The right to freedom of speech is suspended while being paid to perform.

  9. Larry commented on Rob Rogers about 1 month ago

    To guy in cartoon: Take off you hat.
    Respect tradition.

  10. Larry commented on Ken Catalino about 1 month ago