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On A Claire Day by Carla Ventresca and Henry Beckett

On A Claire Day

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  1. Larry commented on Clay Jones about 11 hours ago

    Ted, amen.
    Frightening isn’t it.

  2. Larry commented on Jack Ohman 1 day ago

    Yes, a good cartoon.
    But the caddy should have a crucifix in the bag.

  3. Larry commented on Gary Varvel 4 days ago

    The two parties are represented by red and blue.
    Has anyone suggested a color for the Trump Party yet?

  4. Larry commented on Buni 7 days ago

    Was there a second glove, lost in the coloring?

  5. Larry commented on Signe Wilkinson 7 days ago

    This certainly is obscure. “Papal Rail Passes” seems to refer to the Pope. The object drawn even looks like the Pope Mobile.
    Wow, I guess you have to have been there.

  6. Larry commented on Dana Summers 7 days ago

    So who is charging exorbitant fees to speak before Vets?

  7. Larry commented on Marshall Ramsey 7 days ago

    “The EGO has LANDED.”
    Good one.

  8. Larry commented on Clay Jones 10 days ago

    Powerful cartoon.
    Shame on Trump.

  9. Larry commented on Nick Anderson 10 days ago

    trvths, the muslims need a strong intelligent, peaceful leader; a Ghandhi. Not crazy Imams, interpreting the Koran to the detriment of all. We are facing a religious war and must confront Islam with education of the masses.

  10. Larry commented on Jeff Danziger 11 days ago

    Great artwork!
    Great cartoon!