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On A Claire Day by Carla Ventresca and Henry Beckett

On A Claire Day

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  1. Larry commented on Tough Town 5 days ago

    Funny! A good laugh, thanks.

  2. Larry commented on Michael Ramirez 5 days ago

    Amen Osgood. We most certainly should spend less on military and more on medical research.

  3. Larry commented on ViewsAfrica 13 days ago

    The message is OK, “from Arab Spring Comes (Evil)”, but actually the vulture is not the killer. The vulture cleans up the carion. Just out of fairness to the bird the eggs could have hatched snakes or other killers.

  4. Larry commented on Henry Payne 17 days ago

    A woman or minority for vice president is not a good tactic as it makes them appear second best.

  5. Larry commented on Mike Luckovich 21 days ago

    Great cartoon, good art!
    Someone said that Cruz has the most punchable face in politics. Yes. And @1941, they ARE her sons. Well put.

  6. Larry commented on Tom Toles 24 days ago

    Ted, hard to imagine a way out for the GOP? It is for the nominating convention to begin with no one, clear candidate on the first ballot. The delegates will be released to nominate a compromise dark horse. Otherwise the party is over.

  7. Larry commented on Clay Bennett 25 days ago

    A great cartoon, image and message!
    Clay Bennett does it again.

  8. Larry commented on Tom Toles 28 days ago

    This is a great quote. Thanks for posting Bernie’s statement.

  9. Larry commented on Clay Jones 28 days ago

    Witty cartoon. The GOP will have a success after all.

  10. Larry commented on Matt Davies 28 days ago

    He may squeak in on the exact legal phrase “natural born” , but he should have given up the dual citizenship long, long ago, if the USA is indeed his country.