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  1. toms1945 commented on Fat Cats 2 days ago

    Wish everybody would learn the difference between the pronoun “your” and the contraction “you’re” for “you are” as in “You are looking at it!”

  2. toms1945 commented on Barney & Clyde 4 days ago

    Another strip off my list of favorites! Authors of this seldom funny strip should Strap on your rag-head rags and go to Syria.

  3. toms1945 commented on Rabbits Against Magic 10 days ago

    Not funny in the least! Stupid oil company’s spills kill innocent wild life!

  4. toms1945 commented on My Cage Classics 5 months ago

    Not YOUR! YOU’RE

  5. toms1945 commented on Broom Hilda 7 months ago

    Nope – not a Savoy, a Belvedere. Looking good! Had one when I was teenager

  6. toms1945 commented on 2 Cows and a Chicken 10 months ago

    So how does this relate to 2 Cows and a Chicken???? Not only that, it’s not even humorous.

  7. toms1945 commented on Biff & Riley 12 months ago

    Cans of Whoop A$$ are sold at NASCAR races by Big Johnson

  8. toms1945 commented on Doonesbury over 1 year ago

    And this is precisely why I slept thought the early 70’s. Da&n liberals

  9. toms1945 commented on Close to Home over 1 year ago

    Not at all humorous. animal cruelty is not tolerated on any level.

  10. toms1945 commented on Moderately Confused over 1 year ago

    Right next to the air bags