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  1. EVillin commented on Ink Pen about 3 years ago

    Särimner was the name of the pig that was eaten by the gods of Valhall every night and resurrected next morning. I have a vague memory of having read that they threw his bones in a pile (for easier (needed?) recreation), but cant find a reference to this point at the moment.

  2. EVillin commented on Wizard of Id about 3 years ago

    Hey! You mean they forgot to feed him a big chunk of blobbery fat and other energy sources to keep the heat coming during the shivering hours in the cold house.

    Think of the convenience, feed Henry, then sleep through the night while he keeps the frost from entering the house…

  3. EVillin commented on The Other Coast about 3 years ago

    Just ignore IT. Ignore the creature or have a can of Raid handy if you find yourself in a swarm. They usually do not leave bite marks or suck blood…

  4. EVillin commented on The Buckets about 3 years ago

    Call before you arrive, and I’ll make sure you are staying at the garden table without having to force you out of the house…

  5. EVillin commented on Betty about 3 years ago

    Got my first glasses aound the age of five. Then I lived through all the types of contact lenses that came by. -Myopic/Nearsighted got progressiveliy worse until I had -14 dioptries in both eyes at an adult age. Then I got cataracts in both eyes so I had to do lens removal (and got plastic lens replacements…)
    -Today I live my everyday life with “naked eyes” and have reading lenses when settling down for more than a few minutes of studies. -Ending up with -1 and later with +-0 in the second eye, and the glasses which have been a part of my daily life as a fading (NOT) memory is a VERY special experience. -The lack of NOT checking for “rinses” and/or making sure you had “control” of your vision whenever you moved to another place was quite a change from what I was used to…

  6. EVillin commented on Birdbrains about 3 years ago

    Yes, think of their teeth as (chain-)saw chains and that they develop new teeth along the inside rims ready to fold up whenever the old ones are worn out. So they lose the outer set and have a new fresh and sharp “chain” ready to go the next moment…

  7. EVillin commented on Monty about 3 years ago

    -Hey!!! -Thats me! I also have to endure the looks from people believing that I have not changed clothes the last week…

  8. EVillin commented on Wizard of Id about 3 years ago

    Not being an American, and all that… I like to read your posts as they do not seem offensive, but keep the arguments going! -Sorry to others I might have offended, but the freedom of speech, and so on, seems more important to me. The comments here always are a must read as it allows quite a lot of opinions to be read/heard…
    -Sharpen your pencils everyone, and let me enjoy the feast!

  9. EVillin commented on The Barn about 3 years ago

    Being a Swedish sports hater (A good referee is a …) I still must thank you for solving this mystery strip into something understandable. HAHA funny, sorry no, it went past me, but now I at least got it!!! -Once again, thank you for clearing it up!

  10. EVillin commented on Monty about 3 years ago

    Around here it was CRC 5-56 that had the market on its own. WD-40 is the new kid on the block. I have still to buy my first own can when all the old 5-56’es tucked around here and there run dry.