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  1. daves306 commented on Calvin and Hobbes over 3 years ago

    Nothing says I love you like a worm-eaten corpse. Calvin, you romantic you.

  2. daves306 commented on Nick Anderson over 3 years ago

    At it’s worst conditions were as bad as a “bad camping trip” exact words from one of the passengers. Nobody died! Get over it, what a bunch of soft sissies. Come to think of it a bad camping trip sounds much more fun than a cruise.

  3. daves306 commented on Nick Anderson over 3 years ago

    I guarantee the shooter at Lone Star broke more than a few laws before he even pulled the trigger. Carrying a gun on campus? Was he carrying legally? If he were white we would already know all of this and his family’s mental history by now.

  4. daves306 commented on Nick Anderson almost 4 years ago

    Hey Nick, Try carrying an AR-15 slung over your shoulder down the sidewalk in your neighborhood and get back to us on how that turns out for you. Because responsible gun owners walk around like that all the time.