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Peanuts by Charles Schulz


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  1. rickray777 commented on Peanuts Begins 5 days ago

    Charlie Brown (inside): “Ho-hum.”

  2. rickray777 commented on Glenn McCoy 10 days ago

    The part we hear:
    “Trust me, I CARE about you!”
    The part he deliberately leaves out:
    YES, I care about you! But in reality, I’m very depressed, because I’m NOT RICH ENOUGH! I need YOU, my Fellow Americans, to help fatten up my pockets JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE, per person! But not to worry, I PERSONALLY will toss you an occasional bit of small change here and there! TRUST ME, there WILL be times every once in a great while when you’re NOT TOTALLY broke!”

  3. rickray777 commented on Peanuts Begins 10 days ago

    “My hands aren’t dirty any more! Nyaah, you’ll never catch me! Nyaah, nyaah! An’ even if you did, SO WHAT?! You couldn’t punch your way out of a paper bag! Ha-ha! Nyaah, nyaah, nyaah!!”

  4. rickray777 commented on B.C. 10 days ago

    “Not. One. Word.”
    “Oh, look, it likes its belly rubbed.
    “Oh, and guess what? He even likes getting his ball bonked! She throws it, BONK! He goes right after it, gets it, and — ‘Hey! You want some more, you silly animal?! I’ll bonk your ball again!’ (Toss-BONK!) Oh, and look how he goes to get it, and — "
    “Oh, shut up!!”

  5. rickray777 commented on Andy Capp 13 days ago

    Awww, poor Andy! Just placed another bet on a loser… Serves him right!

  6. rickray777 commented on Calvin and Hobbes 16 days ago

    “What I Did for Summer Vacation, by Calvin
    “I watched TV. Dad, Mom, and I went camping at an island in the lake. Mom says it’s out of state. I don’t like camping. I played outside with my tiger Hobbes. I went fishing in the creek. I played with my toys. I got out of bed early every day. I had lots of energy because I knew there was no school. I got on Mom’s and Dad’s nerves. I never saw a summer go by so fast in all my life. And now school again. I look forward to next summer. The End.”

    You know, Calvin, you might just pull a “C-” on this one!

  7. rickray777 commented on Andy Capp 16 days ago

    “Well, not that many. But they’re both very nice!”
    Andy Capp: “Yeh, I know who they are, Bob’s Mom and Dad! There are lots of other members, too, actually. Half of ’em got the tar; the other half got the feathers!”

  8. rickray777 commented on Andy Capp 17 days ago

    “Please forgive me, Flo
    Come home, Pet
    I really miss you
    For instance, the entire place is a total shambles! I need you to clean it up for me! Jack said if I ever showed my face there at his bar again, he’d have the cops on me! I need money for my next drink, whatever and wherever that might be! Namely, because I would like the way it all makes me feel (a few minutes, anyway); before I feel even worse, wanting still more money for yet another drink! I drink because I’m frustrated! And, I’m frustrated because I’m not able to drink all I want, whenever I want!"

  9. rickray777 commented on Drabble 20 days ago

    Oogie: “Isn’t anyone ever going to get me down? I’ll starve to death!”
    Ralph: “Hey, you did all this to yourself; serves you right! And even if someone did get you down, it would only be a matter of time before you climbed right back up there again! As in, maybe 30 seconds (if that long!). In other words, you will stay right where you are until further notice!!”

  10. rickray777 commented on Luann 21 days ago

    Well, I have my various church groups; that certainly helps…
    Bottom line is, any serious relationship is a huge responsibility in itself; let alone marriage, or any kids (not all of us are built for that!).