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  1. rickray777 commented on Andy Capp 3 days ago

    “Flo, NOW I know what I’ll do! I’ll go right back to the Pub, see if I can bum a few drinks, that’s what!” “But THAT won’t get all these bills paid!” “No, but at least I’ll like the way it makes me feel! IF I succeed!”

  2. rickray777 commented on In the Bleachers 12 days ago

    Why IS Tony so disgruntled? Easy — he didn’t get the $25M contract that he WANTED, THAT’S why!!

  3. rickray777 commented on Andy Capp 12 days ago

    Well, good luck finding another bar, Andy. Especially finding a free-drinks bar. Lots of luck!

  4. rickray777 commented on Andy Capp 12 days ago

    “Nope. Y’ can’t get any wetter than you already are!”

  5. rickray777 commented on Pearls Before Swine 15 days ago

    Rat’s Prize T-shirt: Not “Love-Peace”, but “Hate-War”! Complete with the Ban the Bomb symbol — turned upside-down!

  6. rickray777 commented on Peanuts Begins 15 days ago

    Patty: “Hey, look at the bright side, Charlie Brown: you drove it an entire half-yard this time! Which means that if you ever come into a golf course where it’s only 18 inches between each Tee and the Hole, you won’t have a thing to worry about!” (She and Violet go off in giggles and fist bumps together!) Charlie Brown just stands there and simmers!

  7. rickray777 commented on Luann Againn 15 days ago

    Knute (who snuck Mr. Fogarty’s Grade Book, still with that characteristic huge grin): “Like, lighten up, Man, you know?”

  8. rickray777 commented on Calvin and Hobbes 15 days ago

    “I didn’t actually BREAK it, per se. You see, I was just carrying it around the house; I’d toss it up into the air, and catch it. But then I tossed it up so that it would bounce off the ceiling; and kinda land on the kitchen floor by mistake. And so I didn’t actually break it; rather, it broke itself. Yeah. That’s it. It broke itself. (Big grin!)” Calvin (now sulking on the bed, having just been sent to his room!): “Unfortunately, when you’re only six years old, your sense of irony really isn’t all that well developed!”

  9. rickray777 commented on Wizard of Id 18 days ago

    “Have YOU seen ‘His Majesty’s’ poll numbers? They make Vladimir Putin look like George Washington, by comparison!”

  10. rickray777 commented on Wizard of Id 20 days ago

    “Participation Award! For showing outstanding potential on the battlefield or off of it!”