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  1. I Play One On TV commented on Signe Wilkinson about 11 hours ago

    I assume nothing, except that no one who was not there knows anything. The grand jury listened to facts, autopsy, and blood evidence. I’m sure they saw the video. Do I know they reached the correct conclusion? Absolutely not. I just know what I don’t know.

    Evidently, you know more. I will defer to your superior understanding of the situation in the future.

  2. I Play One On TV commented on Mike Luckovich about 11 hours ago

    “just proving that you need not have the facts to make statements.”

    This truth is not exclusive to cartoonists. Nor to politicians, to news organizations, or to ordinary citizens. Just reading these posts makes that statement’s veracity quite evident.

  3. I Play One On TV commented on Henry Payne about 11 hours ago

    That is funny. Well done, Mr. Payne. The only thing missing is the subheadline “Republican leadership in apoplexy. Plans for impeachment move forward.”

  4. I Play One On TV commented on Ted Rall about 11 hours ago

    This is a good example of why liberals and progressives are so disappointed in the Obama administration. Again, he’s acting just like a Republican. This is not what we voted for (against).

  5. I Play One On TV commented on Ted Rall about 11 hours ago

    We still do torture. Regardless of how you feel about Bradley Manning’s providing info to Wikileaks, he was tortured for months before he even went to trial. Solitary confinement, darkness, no clothes. We say we’re better than that. We say we don’t do that.

    We do that. And no one in authority will do anything to change it.

  6. I Play One On TV commented on Tom Toles about 11 hours ago

    You make a good point. There has to be someone who decides which stories get buried and which gets publicized. Most people know the name Jodi Arias, as her trial lasted for weeks on TV all the time. How many murder trials are going on in the US at the same time? Why is hers a household soap opera?

  7. I Play One On TV commented on Signe Wilkinson about 11 hours ago

    So you were there? You saw this?

    The Grand Jury was presented with conflicting testimony. They heard dozens of hours of it, and knew very well the potential consequences of their decisions.

    But you know what happened better than anyone else? How?

    Maybe you have been infected by that same virus?

  8. I Play One On TV commented on Clay Bennett 1 day ago

    Interesting that you bring up Rodney King. As we know, he was no saint. But he tried to reduce violence when he asked if we could all try to get along, and I have to give him credit for that.

    I have never been a parent, so I have never been in the position of losing a child. But the victim’s mother made her mind up well before any facts were known. I feel strongly that if she asked for calm and that any protest be peaceful and respectful that there would be a much more muted protest than what we have seen.

    Easy for me to say….

  9. I Play One On TV commented on Steve Kelley 1 day ago

    You would be incorrect. You are letting your prejudice get in the way. Let me assist you:

    According to the Cambridge Dictionary: “Those people or organizations that are considered the best or most powerful compared to others of a similar type”

    Note that the definition does not specify political leaning, the word “extreme” or any of its derivatives, nor does it say that those who are elite have no truck with those who are not.

    But otherwise, your definition is spot on.

  10. I Play One On TV commented on Steve Kelley 1 day ago

    Look up the word “elite” and tell me you want the opposite working for you.