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  1. I Play One On TV commented on Jeff Danziger about 7 hours ago

    Bravo. Well stated.

    I only have one small nit to pick: while I agree that the party needs to return to its roots, it DOES run on “integrity, freedom, personal responsibility, and fiscal responsibility”. But what those politicians say and what they do are often mutually exclusive. Time for Republicans to walk the walk. Talk is cheap, and some people get it wholesale.

    Deeds, not words.

    And, to be sure, Democrats should be sharing those principles. We all SAY we support that stuff, but somehow it never seems to materialize.

  2. I Play One On TV commented on Steve Benson about 7 hours ago

    There was an editorial cartoon in my local paper today that deals with the same issues. The first panel shows that a person could take a yardstick, place it on the ground, not see any gaps and use this as evidence that the world is flat. The second shows that a bird could fly, so it proved that gravity does not exist. The third shows a man holding a bible to prove that evolution does not exist. The last one shows a snowflake proving that global warming does not exist. Welcome to that group of forward-thinking individuals.

  3. I Play One On TV commented on Nick Anderson about 7 hours ago

    Another example of ken0cean’s logic:

    “God is love.”
    “Love is blind.”
    “Ray Charles is blind.”
    “Therefore, Ray Charles is God.”

    For more, I recommend you hunker down with Alice in Wonderland. Its author was truly a mathematician, and the book is nothing but logic (except for the poem Jabberwocky, whatever that’s about…).

    Everything follows logically, but it makes no sense. Perfect example.

    A side story: the Queen of England was so taken with Alice in Wonderland when it was first published that she requested the author send her all the other books he had published. He sent her a bunch of math texts.

  4. I Play One On TV commented on Lalo Alcaraz about 7 hours ago

    I have read the article you linked. Thanks for the info. While I can certainly agree that Harry Reid should not have a say over how BLM manages our land, and that the government “posse” was way over-sized for its intended effect, even the author recognized that Mr. Bundy broke the law by not paying the required grazing fees. He has been found guilty twice; it’s past time he pays whatever fine/penalty/jail term is appropriate.

    I have sympathy for the fact that long ago there were no grazing fees. A long time ago, I charged insurance companies what I thought my services were worth, and I got a sizable percentage of that from them, augmented by patient co-pay, and I made a decent living.

    Since then, the insurance companies have decided that my services are worth less than half what they used to pay, and there is no recourse on my end. I can either take whatever scraps they give me (because paper-pushers need raises, paid vacations, and other benefits, after all), or they can tell my patients to go to some other sucker who will take the same or less.

    Unfair? You bet. But things never stay the same, and that same statement applies to Mr. Bundy and any other cattle rancher.

    So, I will be sympathetic to his plight, and at the same time I will say he is wrong, and should be punished. The major problem is that it took this amount of time for something to be done.

  5. I Play One On TV commented on Matt Bors about 7 hours ago

    Don’t forget that one of the Keating Five was John McCain. Look how much he suffered as a result…..

  6. I Play One On TV commented on Scott Stantis about 13 hours ago

    A Schlimazel is the person who has soup spilled on him. A schlemiel is the waiter who spills the soup.

  7. I Play One On TV commented on Tom Toles about 15 hours ago

    How did Jesse “The Body” Ventura become governor of Minnesota as an independent?

    I asked a former resident. He said that Minnesota does not restrict campaign contributions, but it does restrict how much a candidate can spend in total in a campaign. They can monitor radio/print/TV ad prices, etc. for audit purposes. If the candidate has more money than he/she can spend, it can be used in the next election or used to fund another candidate who has not spent his/her limit.

    You’ll never be able to ensure how much money a person can take in. This evens the playing field and allows for other-party candidates to have a fighting chance.

    On the other hand, you could end up being represented by Jesse “The Body” Ventura…….

  8. I Play One On TV commented on Matt Wuerker 1 day ago

    “Thank you sir. May I have another?”

  9. I Play One On TV commented on Joel Pett 1 day ago

    You make a good point. The problem is that we are buying tanks the Pentagon doesn’t want, and spending on missile defenses in places that the Pentagon doesn’t want it. There are many more examples of wasteful defense spending. Yet the only cutting in the military is based on the personnel benefits. What’s wrong with this picture?

    I think it’s the fact that the hawks don’t want the MIC (their benefactors) to lose income, so they make sure that the only stuff that is on the chopping block is the stuff that no one wants to chop.

    There is plenty we could cut from the military and no one (other than Raytheon, perhaps) would feel it. Why not start there?

  10. I Play One On TV commented on Signe Wilkinson 1 day ago

    “I agree, but how do we start to change?”

    Good question. The first thing we need to do is acknowledge that we have a problem, which is almost always the hardest step. The voters have to lead. We have to be willing to vote out the intransigent and the kooky, the extremists and the my-way-or-the-highway. This means voting for our future, rather than voting just of a particular party or voting for a person who brings home pork while being otherwise caustic. If enough people find themselves booted out of office, the remainders will recognize that “we’re mad as hell, and we’re not gonna take it anymore”.

    But wait! What’s Klownie Kardashian wearing? Isn’t that scandalous?