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  1. bookworm0812 commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not about 14 hours ago

    The moon looks pretty round to me when it’s full!
    And big whoop about 599. You can make up facts like that about any number. What’s the smallest number whose digits add up to one? Anybody? Give up? It’s 1! Now about two? Anybody? It’s 2! OK, if we’re going to go with non-single digit numbers then it’s 10 and 11.

  2. bookworm0812 commented on Garfield Classics about 15 hours ago

    Ummmm….Jon? Garfield is a CAT. Not a dog. If you want a pet that begs, go and adopt Odie (he didn’t always have Odie, did he?). And even if cats did sit up and beg, do you see the SIZE of Garfield? I don’t think he could sit up and beg even if he wanted to.

  3. bookworm0812 commented on The Comic Strip That Has A Finale Every Day about 15 hours ago

    Today, we celebrate the life of Buggie. He died last night flying into my neighbor’s bug zapper. He is being replaced by Buggie’s great-great-granddaughter.

  4. bookworm0812 commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 15 hours ago

    Funny! I just realized what he really did. He better NOT ever kill a huge, fuzzy, “ugly” (I think they’re cute), caterpillar! If he does, he’ll be killing a big, beautiful, butterfly that will make the world all the more beautiful!

  5. bookworm0812 commented on Back to B.C. about 15 hours ago

    Oh, 13 isn’t a bad number! It’s like all the rest. For me, I love the number 13! It really does have special meaning for me!

  6. bookworm0812 commented on Ask a Cat about 15 hours ago

    Nice! A mid-week special! I missed having this comic as often as we used to!

  7. bookworm0812 commented on 1 and Done about 15 hours ago

    Right nostril = to be. Left nostril = not to be.

  8. bookworm0812 commented on FoxTrot 3 days ago

    Yeah, I noticed it’s not the typical maze where you’ll run into an obstacle. There are no wrong turns to make. So while this might take a long time to get thru, it’s still one of the easier mazes I’ve ever solved. I printed this and did it. I used a purple pen and now the whole maze is purple. In fact, isn’t a maze like this actually called a labyrinth?

  9. bookworm0812 commented on Thatababy 3 days ago

    Do they really take 17 years to be born? I never heard of that!

  10. bookworm0812 commented on Shoe 3 days ago

    Vomiting? Forget it! Don’t wanna see it!