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  1. bookworm0812 commented on That's Life about 14 hours ago

    Obviously a re-run. The copyright year does confirm it, but the fact that he’s watching the Superbowl from 11 years ago is what really gives it away.

  2. bookworm0812 commented on Thatababy about 14 hours ago

    My big, black cats lost! :(

  3. bookworm0812 commented on Pickles about 14 hours ago

    Those last tow panels seem like they could be reversed. I suppose it could work this way too, though.

  4. bookworm0812 commented on Eek! about 15 hours ago


  5. bookworm0812 commented on Bliss about 15 hours ago

    And that’s after partying on Superbowl Sunday!

  6. bookworm0812 commented on Garfield 2 days ago

    Same here! I love baked potatoes!

  7. bookworm0812 commented on Luann Againn 4 days ago

    It’s nice and shiny! That makes it look nice. And you can use your nails as a mirror!

  8. bookworm0812 commented on 1 and Done 4 days ago

    He’s also a lot younger and definitely way out of shape for the way I picture God. I picture God as anciently ancient with long, flowing white hair and beard and while ancient, still with a healthy physique.

  9. bookworm0812 commented on Perry Bible Fellowship 5 days ago

    OK, ummm….eew?

  10. bookworm0812 commented on Sheldon 6 days ago

    I actually heard part of this poem when watching a rerun of Emergency!. These wack-o hippies were having some kind of orgey (sp?) and this girl kept saying “host of dancing daffodils.” One of the guys in the group got really sick. Turned out they were eating daffodil bulbs and part of that is poisonous. Kind of like eating cherry pits. Part of a daffodil bulb has cyanide.