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  1. Stew Full commented on Brevity about 4 years ago

    Between her and Fonda I wouldn’t give 2 cent to see either one……..

  2. Stew Full commented on The Sunshine Club about 4 years ago

    We that receive SS worked and paid for our checks, As it was take out of our pay by the Government,Also our employers paid into the fund for us, IT IS NOT WELFARE !
    It was started so people would have money in there retirement years It was promised to be used for that funding ONLY President LB Johnson and the IDIOT politicians took it out of that fund and made it so Welfare people could have there freebies now and Not have to work at all

    Fred the Wonder Dog

  3. Stew Full commented on Bottomliners about 4 years ago

    Best Comic of the day !!!!!!

    Fred the Wonder Dog

  4. Stew Full commented on The Buckets about 4 years ago

    The reality shows are getting a little to staged if you ask me

  5. Stew Full commented on Ziggy about 4 years ago

    Obuma say’s it is not his garden . . . like the grasshopper It is OURS

  6. Stew Full commented on Betty about 4 years ago

    It has only been a couple of weeks, you can sure tell this is a comic book story. I been ah searching …. searching ….. Gas has went up from $1.78 to $ 3.68 today, groceries have doubled, all since Jan of 2008

    Vote like you life depended on it

  7. Stew Full commented on Off the Mark about 4 years ago

    I once had a lawyer so good that he could have got the guy in backs charge reduced from sodomy to following to close . . .

  8. Stew Full commented on The Buckets about 4 years ago

    You are and IDIOT

  9. Stew Full commented on Brevity about 4 years ago

    Ya need to call a real plumber, he don’t even have a butt crack showing. he can not possibly know how to fix it

  10. Stew Full commented on B.C. about 4 years ago

    How dare you make a joke about us’en therapist ! ! We do not tolerate racist jokes like that. I am going to chick-fila and drown my sorrows in fantastic sandwiches