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  1. Knisabre commented on Peanuts 8 days ago

    He who hesitates is lost. Sparky was a little late in proposing after dating her for three years and she married another man. They remained close until his death, though. Peanuts taught me about unrequited love, but unfortunately also taught me to keep my distance and fear taking risks with girls. That stayed with me until I was 39, which I know is hard to imagine but even worse to live through. Here’s another good link: http://theweek.com/articles/586901/beauty-tragedy-charlie-browns-love-little-redhaired-girl

  2. Knisabre commented on Peanuts 3 months ago

    I know it’s odd to be struck by this, but I was. Schroeder’s chest protector was always a light brown. Who is coloring these strips?

  3. Knisabre commented on Luann 4 months ago

    I hope we’re not going to be seeing all of the post-breakup through Luann’s eyes. She was in the wrong with her petty jealousies, lack of honest communication, and preconceived notions. Quill did nothing wrong other than be really into something he cared about. But, since that wasn’t 100% Luann, then he’s in for an earful! Luann’s a twit and needs to grow up. A lot. Maybe this will help start that.

  4. Knisabre commented on Luann 5 months ago

    Has anyone mentioned “Starburns” yet?

  5. Knisabre commented on Luann 7 months ago

    Isn’t this most likely a chance for Luann to ask advice from someone a bit older than Bernice?

  6. Knisabre commented on Rose is Rose 7 months ago

    Hmm. Looking at them side-by-side, I wonder if Rose’s hair is “up” or just short like I always assumed. It looks like there might be a small bun back there, but other hair below it suggests it’s just short and she wishes for long unruly auburn red hair.

  7. Knisabre commented on Peanuts 7 months ago

    I always like “Peppermint” Patty the most as a kid. She was tomboyish, but most definitely a girl. She played baseball well (better than most of the boys), “Indian” wrestled, bucked authority by wearing sandals to school, lived in a single-parent family (her dad’s “rare gem”), thought Snoopy was a funny looking kid with a big nose, and quite clearly had a crush on “Chuck” though he was oblivious because he was busy pining over a girl he couldn’t even talk to. Though Patty’s personality could be overbearing at times, she usually meant well and was generally positive about things. She also tried her hardest at anything she did, even if she didn’t do well (except for school, maybe). And here she is skating gracefully with Snoopy while wearing a pink skirt. I really loved seeing this animated in “She’s a Good Skate, Charlie Brown!”

  8. Knisabre commented on Luann 8 months ago

    Why are new characters so hard to draw? Reminds me of that art lady with the confused perspective face/chin. And where are her eyebrows? Wow, hard to look at. Oh, and the strip the other day was insulting to Luann in a big way, suggesting she wouldn’t feel threatened is Pru was short and less attractive. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again- Luann has turned into Tiffany, but less likable.

  9. Knisabre commented on Luann 10 months ago

    The vaping part is important. Our 16 year-old boy bought a vaporizer from a friend along with liquid containing 6mg nicotine. He had himself convinced (thanks to handy Internet sites) that it was, in his words, “110% safe” and not addictive. Of course, if he really believed that, why did he hide it from us? He had no answer for that. He didn’t smoke before using this, so he wasn’t trying to quit (great idea for those who ARE trying to quit), but it seems clear that teens in general think it’s safe, when it’s not. Likely more safe than cigarettes, but certainly not as safe as smoking nothing. So, they think it’s safe and are enjoying a non-addictive buzz from it and “look cool” to boot. What a perfect gateway device.

  10. Knisabre commented on Luann 10 months ago

    I simply will not believe this will go through. One can NOT turn 9/11 into something good. Not now, perhaps not ever. September 10th would be a better choice, so they can then do a local Fireman’s Climb (in full gear- look it up) the next day for charity, maybe get the wedding party to join in, if they physically can. (maybe not full gear for non-firefighters)