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Widdershins by Kate Ashwin


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  1. Eustrakh GoComics Pro Member commented on Magnificatz 5 days ago

    Great! I know what I’ll be asking for at Yuletide.It’s always nice to have a collection to look at after coming home from a hard day at work.It will also be interesting to see how they look on a real page.(Very old school, here.)

  2. Eustrakh GoComics Pro Member commented on Magnificatz 4 months ago

    Dantes, Lucretia and Priscilla (mah kitties) are the same…
    And welcome back.
    {BTW, our local Hastings is going out of business and I found the collected early works of Winsor McCay for pennies on the dollar! This is indeed a strange and disturbing universe but sometimes you can find a good deal…}

  3. Eustrakh GoComics Pro Member commented on Magnificatz 4 months ago

    Or in my case, Chucky’s wedgie dance….
    (Quick! Avert your eyes…..)

  4. Eustrakh GoComics Pro Member commented on Magnificatz 4 months ago

    Those of us who enjoy this do not always tell you so. I read this strip at 0430 every morning on the way to work. No chance to write to say how much fun it is.
    The art is fabulous.
    The plots are fun and interesting.
    The characters are more truly cat like than almost all other incarnations in other strips.
    Yours is still a unique and interesting voice.
    (Not to be pedantic, here, but even an extremely brief encounter with the evening news should show you that appealing to a mass audience in today’s culture is really not something to be proud of. While it’s how you’d make more money, in the end, do you really want to be remembered up there with … I hate to type such mediocrity … “Garfield?”
    For instance, when I mention the name, George Herriman, not a single person my age {60} or younger even knows of whom I am speaking yet almost all know who … shudder … Jim Davis is… To satisfy those of us with more discriminating taste, do you have any plans of putting together a final book of strips so we can enjoy such a beautiful little gem?)
    I would store it proudly on my shelves full of books of great comic art and story telling.

  5. Eustrakh GoComics Pro Member commented on Last Kiss 5 months ago

    How sad.
    I grew up watching her and George Reeves.

  6. Eustrakh GoComics Pro Member commented on HUBRIS! almost 3 years ago

    Keep it up!
    Been reading comics in all forms for over 50 years and this is one of the good ones.
    The characters are good, the art is fabulous, and the plotting is interesting. You always keep me wondering where you’re going with the story and you don’t disappoint.
    It may be sad or funny, but I identify with many of your characters, personally and professionally, as I work in an E.R.
    In fact, that’s how I got my latest dirt-bike.
    One of my patients severely injured his calcaneal tendon when his 250’s foot peg went through the back of his ankle after he failed to negotiate the effects of gravel and gravity.
    Knowing he would be out for the season, if not for life, I bought his bike and now enjoy it year-round.
    (Of course, I wear full-on combat-gear when I ride so when I go down, the only thing hurt is my pride…)
    Anyway, this is a fun strip and I look forward to reading it.

  7. Eustrakh GoComics Pro Member commented on Tom the Dancing Bug over 3 years ago

    @ Mr. Bolling:
    Very nice channeling of Steve Ditko in panels 6 & 7, there. It’s been a while since I took a trip with “Dr. Strange” but you do him justice…
    And I’ll take my leave after that atrocious pun….