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  1. locake commented on JumpStart about 15 hours ago

    They should each pay for their own meal.

  2. locake commented on Luann about 17 hours ago

    Read my comment again. I said when their allotted time is up she WOULD move onto the next event. I never said they would delay the next event.

  3. locake commented on Luann about 18 hours ago

    Wedding Lady, " If they aren’t here by then— You and the guest can do whatever you want for the allotted time and when that is over I will clean up for the next event. "

  4. locake commented on Luann about 18 hours ago

    The wedding lady gets paid whether they show up or not. Why would she get so upset?

  5. locake commented on Drabble 1 day ago

    I agree she looks much better without the pink clothing and apron. I’d love to see Ralph in something besides that ugly shirt.

  6. locake commented on The Born Loser 1 day ago

    90% to 10% is still a mix. Most days are a mix of something.

  7. locake commented on Baldo 1 day ago

    Wow! Most people are not capable of getting all A’s. He should be happy with the B’s and C’s. Not all people should go to college either. Baldo has his strengths and talents. He should work in an area that utilizes them.

  8. locake commented on Arlo and Janis 1 day ago

    Could be both, and she can easily hide it during the month of December.

  9. locake commented on Luann 1 day ago

    Nobody has to Prove their beliefs to anyone. We are all allowed to believe whatever we choose. We can believe in any type of god, or multiple gods, or purple unicorns. If your belief gives you comfort, Great! You just can’t try to force your beliefs on anyone else.

  10. locake commented on Luann 1 day ago

    It doesn’t make any difference at all what people believe about an after life. Whatever the reality is, it exist for everyone. Certain beliefs about life after death give comfort to many people and that is fine.