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  1. Grainpaw commented on Gasoline Alley 7 days ago

    I used to haunt thrift shops looking for wild 40’s and 50’s ties, which I wore one time only to a weekly staff meeting at the mall I worked at. My job was blue collar and t-shirt work, but I was still head of landscaping and wrote an article for the monthly newsletter. Once, ten minutes into a meeting, I said, “I’m hot, I’m taking this off.” I took off the tie and shirt and had another tie and shirt on underneath. That broke up the meeting for a few minutes. So remember, layering can be an important technique.

    I found a 1950’s style tuxedo in a thrift store for $5, then spent another ten or so for new suspenders for it. I wore it to a wedding once, under overalls. I peeled out of the overalls when I arrived, like Abbot and Costello.
    After I got married, my wife shoots me down every time I suggest wearing it. We don’t go out much any more.

  2. Grainpaw commented on Little Nemo 10 days ago

    The artwork is still fabulous, but the plot has turned into a buddy movie/travelogue.
    Still I’m glad to be able to read this, after only hearing of it for years.

  3. Grainpaw commented on Dilbert Classics 14 days ago

    It’s time to start putting testosterone-lowering drugs into the light beer supply.

  4. Grainpaw commented on Get Fuzzy 22 days ago

    I have to pay for all those sports channels I never watch, and none of them has croquet.

  5. Grainpaw commented on Peanuts Begins 24 days ago

    My wife called and asked me to bring home some 7-Up. I said,“OK, 7-Up.” I got home and put a 12-pack of 7-Up on the table. She said, “Where’s the ginger ale?”

  6. Grainpaw commented on Peanuts 27 days ago

    And, as we found out, Nixon was a crook.

  7. Grainpaw commented on Dilbert Classics about 1 month ago

    Atari 800XL.

  8. Grainpaw commented on Jen Sorensen about 1 month ago

    The good guy with a gun thing isn’t working. You’ve had your chance.

  9. Grainpaw commented on The Grizzwells about 1 month ago

    That would be American residents paying for the wall. We could also put a 10% tax on stock, bond, and commodity trading, nationalize the fossil fuel industry, and start switching to renewable energy in earnest. Or we could get realistic instead of fantasizing over preposterous schemes. But that’s silly. Realism has no place in a comic strip.

  10. Grainpaw commented on Wizard of Id about 1 month ago

    All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.
    George Orwell
    Animal Farm, 1945