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  1. Grainpaw commented on Gasoline Alley about 17 hours ago

    The pipe could ignite the jug and cause a consarned conflagration.

  2. Grainpaw commented on Pearls Before Swine about 17 hours ago

    Laments for a Dying Language by Ogden Nash.

  3. Grainpaw commented on Peanuts Begins 2 days ago

    Camo underwear is kind of pointless.

  4. Grainpaw commented on Get Fuzzy 5 days ago

    Flowers are the sex organs of plants. That’s what they’re for.

  5. Grainpaw commented on The Born Loser 6 days ago

    I’ve never understood why you would make pie with strawberry or rhubarb when you could make wine instead.
    But, I’ve always thought rhubarb would be a good ice cream flavor.

  6. Grainpaw commented on Back to B.C. 6 days ago

    Actually, quicksand is pretty slow, just lying in a hole as it does.

  7. Grainpaw commented on Pearls Before Swine 6 days ago

    People in big trucks who tailgate even when you’re going more than a little over the speed limit. And then, when they park, it won’t fit in a normal space.

  8. Grainpaw commented on Doonesbury 6 days ago

    Newsweek has done 3 or 4 well-deserved hatchet pieces on Trump recently. The Toronto Star has been doing a daily lie roundup.

  9. Grainpaw commented on Kliban's Cats 9 days ago

    Anybody who likes cats will like this site. Great Maine Coon photos.

  10. Grainpaw commented on Richard's Poor Almanac 10 days ago

    Mysterious ancient ruins, giant penguins, elder things, shoggoths, and so on.