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  1. blunebottle commented on Luann about 5 hours ago

    “No one owes an apology to someone who says they have a life too bad you don’t to a person who is asking a so-called significant other for a bit of his or her time…”

    Right on, and thanks for reminding everybody about that episode. Some seem to have forgot.

  2. blunebottle commented on Dog Eat Doug about 5 hours ago

    No, I distinctly remember the use of paper towels. (We were into using cloth didis.)

  3. blunebottle commented on Dick Tracy about 5 hours ago

    ’Morning, all…

    Looking like Dick Tracy is going to have to recuse himself from security detail on this one…

  4. blunebottle commented on Dick Tracy about 5 hours ago

    My sister likes to do our family’s ancestry. One fellow with the same last name sent us his, dating back to the time of the Plymouth Bretheren. On his ONE leg alone, there were 14 generations of, on average, 8 to 12 kids. Do the math- that’s why there are over 4 million who share my last name on the Eastern Seaboard.

  5. blunebottle commented on 1 and Done about 5 hours ago

    “Aw common, no one can turn into a pillar of salt. That’s a metaphor or something, a fairy tale or a proverb.”

    It very well could be some sort of metaphor. Often times when some kind of event takes place that people can’t find words for, they try to describe it using some imaginary concepts. Sort of like primitive tribes imagining a sky monster devouring the Sun when there is a total eclipse. There’s no sky monster, but there was still an event.

  6. blunebottle commented on 1 and Done about 6 hours ago

    @Yowhassup, @Night-Gaunt, @markjoseph125, et al:

    I have often heard people make this claim about ancient texts, which are commonly referred to as mythology, whether they are Sumerian, Greek, Hindu- or, as is often caimed- the Bible. I often wonder though, just how much serious scientific study such detractors have spent on these texts. You deride the Bible. Have you spent time researching the stories in it?

    Are you archaeologists that have spent a lifetime studying the historically accurate parts of it?

    Remember too, that much of the Bible- as well as many other texts of antiquity- are also poetic. The fact that all the details in similar accounts of an event vary is not proof that they are wrong or imaginary- on the contrary, if all eye witness accounts of an event are identical, they are suspect. The truth lies in placing all accounts side-by-side and winnowing out the variables. What you are left with is the truth. Much like the fact that the account of the Great Flood is recorded not only in the Bible, but also is recorded in some form or other in the folklore of every tribe and tongue around the world. It is also evident geologically. Did the Great Flood happen exactly the way it was described in each case? Not at all likely, but one thing you can be absolutely sure of, from a forensic, SCIENTIFIC stance- it did happen.

    The same holds true of many, many stories in the Bible, the Illiad, the stories of Mt. Olympus, the Sumerian texts, etc, etc.

    I wouldn’t be too hasty to cast aside the Bible as myth, if you haven’t actually done due diligence. I would hope that you will have at least read it, if you feel you have the authority to critique it.

  7. blunebottle commented on Rudy Park 1 day ago

    Who? Sadie or Arnold?

  8. blunebottle commented on Pearls Before Swine 1 day ago

    Star Trek, Episode 41: “I, Mudd”

    One of the best!

  9. blunebottle commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    I see no resemblance to either candidate. I think it’s just a mashup.

  10. blunebottle commented on Buni 1 day ago

    Umm…OK, I guess that wood be the equivalent…