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On A Claire Day by Carla Ventresca and Henry Beckett

On A Claire Day

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  1. vetteowner commented on The Other Coast 1 day ago

    Busted Koko!

  2. vetteowner commented on The Duplex 1 day ago

    And the older you get the more you do it too!

  3. vetteowner commented on Red and Rover 1 day ago

    Oh Rover at least Red filled it for you and you didn’t do it yourself like our Alex did as he felt it was too hot that day and he needed his pool! LOL

  4. vetteowner commented on The Born Loser 6 days ago

    It’s inferior year round!

  5. vetteowner commented on Lola 15 days ago

    I am with you Lola…medium rare with a slice of melted American cheese or Swiss on a nice toasted bun!

  6. vetteowner commented on Heart of the City 15 days ago

    I am with you ComicLass me and my friend, Patrick growing up did a lot of different things during summer vacay.

  7. vetteowner commented on Baldo 22 days ago

    Templo yup love for a car counts, loved my first car a 63 Chevy Belair and my hubby and I both loved our last of the 455’s Trans Am especially after we souped it up even more. And then of course there was our Corvette that we raced…we loved her….

  8. vetteowner commented on Frank & Ernest about 1 month ago

    Yup had a lab, Alex (he was the original Marley 35 years ago and he loved his toys and especially his tennis balls…he could go on for hours. Our other dog, Brandy after a couple of throws would lay down and toss the toy to Alex, look up at you, as if to say….play with him….I’m resting LOL

  9. vetteowner commented on Flo and Friends about 1 month ago

    Where once we had the energy to party all night now we are lucky if we pass dinner time LOL

  10. vetteowner commented on Cathy about 1 month ago

    Alex the original Marley opened cabinets, chewed cabinet doors, and the list goes on….he was a LAB….enuff said.