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  1. amoderatecollegekid commented on Michael Ramirez about 4 years ago

    That’s still not geographic. That’s population. Zing!

  2. amoderatecollegekid commented on Shirley and Son Classics about 4 years ago

    I call my grandparents grammy and grampy too!

  3. amoderatecollegekid commented on Signe Wilkinson about 4 years ago

    Considering how much leeway Obama gets from mainstream media (Fox excluded), its not exactly fair to say “And if he were GOP, nobody would mind in the least.”
    If Obama were in the GOP, the Left media would be calling to burn his corpse.

  4. amoderatecollegekid commented on ViewsEurope about 4 years ago

    I don’t know if there are as many sects as Christianity, but the point you make is true.
    However, the majority of christians actually stand up to the Westboro Baptist Church and Pat Robertson, while many Muslims (though not all) remain silent against the violence and do little to try and stop it.
    That seems to be the main difference as I have noticed. Not to say that there are not Muslims that denounce the violence, but many are not vocal or do little to try to curb it.

  5. amoderatecollegekid commented on Robert Ariail over 4 years ago

    Well, Iran is already in the hot-seat, so dumping one of their few allies is highly unlikely.
    Also, Syria gives Russia use of their ports and even let them have a military base on the Mediterranean. SO they have a strategic military reason NOT to give into the UN.
    One also has to consider that China is also vetoing. Its possible China and Russia have military and economic deals with Syria. And, if the regime falls, there could be damning documents against those nations. So they would fight to make sure that these documents never see the light of day. There could even be proof of Nuclear weapons programs in Iran in those documents.

  6. amoderatecollegekid commented on Bob Gorrell over 4 years ago

    Well, if we’re moving toward the type of system they have in Britain and other countries, that’s exactly what will happen. My friends mother was denied cancer treatment because she was 62 years old. Even though it was a beginning stage and she could have been saved to live another 20 or 30 years, the government prevented her from getting any treatment and she died a year and a half later.
    SO, tell me about how government is so much better than private companies?

  7. amoderatecollegekid commented on Clay Jones over 4 years ago

    The problem isn’t with corporations, but with consumers. Over decades, we have chosen cheaper products over products of better quality. In fact, the constant spending on these cheap items is what makes our economy so large.
    If American Companies didn’t send jobs overseas, and didn’t buy products from cheaper places, prices would go up dramatically and consumers would move to cheaper, foreign made goods, much like they have already.
    Companies have no choice to cut costs or go under, and the only people we can blame is ourselves with our obsession with constant, cheap goods.

  8. amoderatecollegekid commented on Steve Kelley over 4 years ago

    Well, He won’t even let people know about his grades. Anyone could have seen this coming who actually looked at his past.

  9. amoderatecollegekid commented on Michael Ramirez over 4 years ago

    Carter hated Bush too

  10. amoderatecollegekid commented on Michael Ramirez over 4 years ago

    That isn’t what Obama is hiding from though. Obama and Holder claimed they didn’t know anything, and the documents could potentially prove otherwise, meaning they straight out lied.
    Obama has done well blaming everything else on Bush, so it isn’t likely that they fear Fast and Furious hurting them for any other reason then they lied.