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  1. vidothecat GoComics Pro Member commented on Jillpoke Bohemia almost 3 years ago

    Whoa! Did not see that coming! Who knew sweet Shelby was such a psycho!

    What’s next? Removal of a kidney? Stealing the masters of their CD? S & M?

  2. vidothecat GoComics Pro Member commented on Jillpoke Bohemia almost 3 years ago

    Don’t think I didn’t see that coming, with Shelby coming over to check on Kieran a couple of strips ago…

    Darby is next up, running into her old high school teacher???

    Good stuff!

  3. vidothecat GoComics Pro Member commented on Dude and Dude almost 3 years ago

    Just for the record, anybody who surfs as much as Dude and Dude is going to have awesome arm strength! Surfing is a killer workout!

  4. vidothecat GoComics Pro Member commented on Jillpoke Bohemia about 3 years ago

    I’ve only been following Jillpoke Bohemia for a couple months, so, I went back and read the whole thing from the beginning before putting out my 2 cents.

    Shawn, I think it is really great, very original, and cutting edge in a direction no one else is going. I love it. I would have commented before, but, most comments on GoComics are of the “awe, that was cute” or smart ass remark type, and are not really directed to the artist!

    Even though you’ve been hinting at this baby thing for a while, I hope this “Family Album” strip is not really happening, and was only a test designed to provoke an emotional response! Once you’ve got that cute kid, in any comic you can mention, she gets the whole show and all the good lines! There’s plenty left for our two heroes to do, like, go on tour.

    If you want to do the kid thing, why not flash forward to a pontential future for some segments, not locking it into stone. I think a flash forward 16 or 18 years to their kid rebelling from her straight edge roots, experimenting with drugs and alchohol could be interesting!

    Anyway, in response to your prior poll, I don’t vote for a baby and a move to N. Maine. There are plenty of other changes that can move the story line forward. I like how you are slowly evolving Darby’s character. Overall, I think the focus of the strip is great and doesn’t need changing!

    I hope you keep doing the strip!

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