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  1. Dogbone5 commented on Steve Kelley almost 4 years ago

    It is apparent that this is a moral issue and not a gun control issue. Unfortunately the same people crying for gun control are same mindless twits that have removed the only moral compass (God) from the public sector.

  2. Dogbone5 commented on Steve Kelley over 4 years ago

    TO all those who think that the right to bare arms is strictly for self defense or hunting, you are partially right. It is for self defense, but against who? Against our own government should they try to oppress us, and any enemy combatant who choses to invade this great land. As far as not banning “Assault” weapons (any weapon can be used to assault someone), I say lets keep the playing field level to give us a fighting chance against gov’t forces that have them. Libs, get your heads out of the sand.