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  1. SeekMocha commented on Bloom County about 4 years ago

    Congressman Harry Johnston, one of the hundreds of Congressmembers who overdrew their House checking accounts. The implication being that if Congressmembers cannot balance their own personal checking accounts, how can we expect them to create a balanced budget for America.

  2. SeekMocha commented on Lucky Cow about 4 years ago

    San Diego, $4.49.

  3. SeekMocha commented on Get Fuzzy over 4 years ago

    Everybody must bring snacks because that’s how the Eternal Bowl remains . . . Eternal!

  4. SeekMocha commented on Agnes over 4 years ago

    Of course Agnes is angry. Compare the eyebrow angles between panel 1 ( / / ) and panel 2 ( \ / ).

  5. SeekMocha commented on Agnes over 4 years ago

    The room in which this scene takes place – is that a tent or a Quonset hut??