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  1. Fido3 commented on Reality Check 1 day ago

    Tried Ask Jeeves a few times and I absolutely hated it. Now that it’s just “Ask”, it’s even WORSE in that they find you OTHER sites search results.

  2. Fido3 commented on Ollie and Quentin 6 days ago

    Was the writers who said ten, don’t matter what a director says. Plus, 34 IS more than ten.

  3. Fido3 commented on The Born Loser 6 days ago

    It’s his house; “Leave, Gargle. Never come back”.

  4. Fido3 commented on Ollie and Quentin 7 days ago

    In the movie “Groundhog Day”, the writers said that Bill Murray repeated that one day for over ten years.

  5. Fido3 commented on Loose Parts 25 days ago

    I can only stretch so far…

  6. Fido3 commented on The Meaning of Lila 26 days ago

    Weddings; The biggest waste of money next to Funerals.

  7. Fido3 commented on The Duplex 26 days ago

    I suppose I could get a tattoo near where I got shot during the first Gulf War, but no, I’ll stick with the big scar in my shoulder.

  8. Fido3 commented on Loose Parts 26 days ago

    Mr. Whale’s eyes are in the way wrong place.

  9. Fido3 commented on Scary Gary 27 days ago

    Kind of hard to enter all that on a tenkey.

  10. Fido3 commented on Loose Parts 27 days ago

    Still six, but if you don’t do it the “Two Times”, but the “Three Times”, it’s WRONG!
    If the original equation was 3 X 2, then 2+2+2 would be correct. Get it? Add three, two times. NOT add two, three times.
    SO STOOOOPID!!!!!!! this Core Math is!