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  1. Fido3 commented on Scary Gary 1 day ago

    No matter how much Travis cried, the jar would not increase in content. Tears have to come from somewhere, and that somewhere is already inside that jar.

  2. Fido3 commented on The Duplex 1 day ago

    I’m offended by this. Since when should Women get away with assaulting Eno all the time? This perpetuates the cruel way in which women treat men and then they get away with it. < - sort of sarcasm. Sort of…

  3. Fido3 commented on The Argyle Sweater 8 days ago

    The actual bible story was mistranslated… Moses parted the REED sea, which was a whopping two feet deep at that time. Spectacular event!

  4. Fido3 commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 15 days ago

    Who? What is this"dog" you speak of? Any particular dog? Oh, “god”? What’s that??? Is it in another comic? Maybe “God-Man” comics…..

  5. Fido3 commented on Moderately Confused 15 days ago

    I own a bunch of rental homes, and I get most of the pertinent information from applicants off their Facebook page. I never tell them I used it, of course…

  6. Fido3 commented on Pooch Cafe 17 days ago

    “…If he THINKS he’s getting in here, he’s got another THINK com…” Get your sayings right.

  7. Fido3 commented on Pooch Cafe 17 days ago

    Under-cooked pork can contain Trichinosis, which is toxic to dogs and, to a much lesser degree, humans. Which would get ill sooner? a 25 pound dog who ate two pounds or a 200 pound human who ate six ounces?

  8. Fido3 commented on Loose Parts 17 days ago

    NOBODY is going to point out the obvious?? Jerry and his woman are Sperm Whales, and therefore don’t HAVE baleen. They are toothed whales.

  9. Fido3 commented on Pooch Cafe 19 days ago

    Too bad that a pork chop (or any pork) can kill a dog. Not the rubber ones though.

  10. Fido3 commented on The Meaning of Lila 22 days ago

    Dr Fine is gay, so more along Boyd’s alley.