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  1. Fido3 commented on The Duplex about 4 hours ago

    ??? The VA is free to qualifying Veterans for their qualifying disabilities, and all medical treatment with a 50% or greater rating. Where would a Bill come it?

  2. Fido3 commented on Reality Check 2 days ago

    I think it’d be extremely obvious where dude’s chin was before he shaved.

  3. Fido3 commented on Real Life Adventures 9 days ago

    If you have absolutely NO LIFE, watch Football on TV. If you have NO LIFE and are a Complete Moron, also play Fantasy Football.

  4. Fido3 commented on F Minus 12 days ago

    Turkey has no more tryptophan than an egg.

  5. Fido3 commented on Garfield 20 days ago

    Garfield is a jakkass. I just deleted this strip from my favorites.

  6. Fido3 commented on The Meaning of Lila 23 days ago

    “Fiber” myalgia? I guess that was an attempt at a joke?

  7. Fido3 commented on Speed Bump 29 days ago

    ALL cats are unclean

  8. Fido3 commented on Scary Gary 29 days ago

    I think maybe some people don’t know how to use italics or bold

  9. Fido3 commented on Real Life Adventures about 1 month ago

    Ground Glass would be sand. Oh! The Horror!

  10. Fido3 commented on Lio about 1 month ago

    THANK YOU for saying “concrete” and not (ugh) cement. Cement is merely one ingredient in concrete, and the lowest percentage. It is the adhesive part.