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  1. Kaede commented on Shutterbug Follies over 2 years ago


  2. Kaede commented on Pickles almost 3 years ago

    Ice fishing shack on the lake.

  3. Kaede commented on Pickles about 4 years ago

    bread the zucchin with 1) flour salt pepper and cayenne,(let rest) then egg wash, the a mixture of Panko and parmesan, let rest (1/3 hour in’fridge) deep fry and serve with ranch dressing.

  4. Kaede commented on Frazz about 4 years ago

    yep we are getting a nip in the air. Overnight lows are in the mid 60’s. High’s only in the lower 80’s. I miss the 105 degree days of summer…

  5. Kaede commented on Non Sequitur over 4 years ago

    “Quark” had 3 episodes parodying Star Trek, several charaters (Betty I & II, Ficus Pandorata) By this time the Star Trek con scene was big. Big enough to take over a DC Sheraton for 4 days.

  6. Kaede commented on Non Sequitur over 4 years ago

    Sending nuclear waste into the sun has at least one drawback. Getting them there. Remember the Challenger? Instead of human bodies scatted over the Atlantic, it would be plutonium. One pound of plutonium could kill 2 million people by inhalation. This makes the toxicity of plutonium roughly equivalent with that of nerve gas.(from Bernard L. Cohen. “The Nuclear Energy Option, Chapter 13, Plutonium and Bombs”)