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  1. Trantor0815 commented on Garfield Classics 1 day ago

    Pooky!! I haven’t seen you a long time :)

  2. Trantor0815 commented on Endtown 1 day ago

    Fist of Death ^^

  3. Trantor0815 commented on Signe Wilkinson 11 days ago

    Maybe you are right. But the problem is that America act in the eastern hemisphere like “The winner takes it all” after the USSR broke in pieces. That comes back now, because Putin want Russia “To be great again”So no one should wonder that he prefers Trump.

  4. Trantor0815 commented on Steve Benson 12 days ago

    No. Sorry for my double “o”. She isn t a bigger loser than trump. But she is also an awful choice.It is now 20 years old, but “Simpsons Treehouse of Horror VII – Citizen Kang says it all” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4v7XXSt9XRMYou are doomed.

  5. Trantor0815 commented on Henry Payne 12 days ago

    Yes Andie…Hillary stayed with grabby Billy. But why? Because she is atratteced to power. She did everything – also not very nice things to Billy’s victim – to protect him.All know she was the real power behind him and as long as he doesn t stand in her way, she has nothing against his false steps.

  6. Trantor0815 commented on Steve Benson 13 days ago

    No it is true. Clinton is also a looser. She did a lot of nasty things in her political career. Espacially agressivly covering her husband. She did (and do) this because she had a strong tendency for power.Nasty Bill can grab and do the same and even worse things than Trump as long as he doesn t stay in her way. She will protect him as usual. At the end you voters are the loosers, because you can only choose with which kind of whip you are beaten.

  7. Trantor0815 commented on Endtown 15 days ago

    That’s an intersting point of view. But it’s a good point. I think if it is that way I think the ship go much further than to stop by this. We all now: Love and Hate are the strongest emotions. And the ship might try to turn Hollys love for Wally into hate.

  8. Trantor0815 commented on Endtown 15 days ago

    I think it’s obvious. She is grabbing him and she is not willing to let him go again. A really strong picture for me.

  9. Trantor0815 commented on Pot-Shots 16 days ago

    He must have seen the debate yesterday ^^

  10. Trantor0815 commented on Jeff Stahler 19 days ago

    A horror that will not be over in one day……