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  1. Unca Jim commented on Stone Soup Classics 2 days ago

    Smilin’ Ed McConnell and the Buster Brown Gang was my Saturday AM entertainment on the ol’ Cathedral Philco.

  2. Unca Jim commented on Strange Brew 5 days ago

    Crill Oil? Opening a whole new market in the North Sea.
    Ahab would be astounded. (scuttling away now)

  3. Unca Jim commented on Speed Bump 5 days ago

    A possible comment about the book; “The Lost Pearl” by Lara Zuberi…. I wonder.. Hmmmm and Hummm…

  4. Unca Jim commented on Real Life Adventures 5 days ago

    Mine’s dosing things (properly) with Hot Sauce of the Texas Pete style. Louisiana style is like gasoline on a bonfire and one should have learned one’s limits by 80 y/o. I leave the competition to the yearlings that try to out-do who can eat the hottest sauce/tabasco-laden stuff. I do know that when beads of sweat appear, they’ve over-done it and they’ll pay the next day. These days,dads seemingly never teach their sons anything save for the fact that ’they’re the best’ and here’s first prize.

  5. Unca Jim commented on PreTeena 5 days ago

    @Daniel; Brings to mind the ol’ farm days with a real heavy electric waffle iron, (courtesy of MunkyWards) a box of Bisquick, eggs, milk, butter, and other things I forget, but with REAL maple syrup and butter it was, as they say; “it don’t get no better’n that !” At the Cracker Barrel across the road, same breakfast costs 1 arm and half a leg + tip.

  6. Unca Jim commented on Real Life Adventures 12 days ago

    Our guest speaker Steven Wright, for his well-known Motivational Speaker engagements !!

  7. Unca Jim commented on Gasoline Alley 12 days ago

    “Seattle PI site colorist pays more attention to the strip.
    Ain’t so. She/He was young enough to not know that Chip is almost 60 years old and my beard turned white at 52.
    Time. Ya can’t beat it.

  8. Unca Jim commented on Gasoline Alley 15 days ago

    “I thought there would be a tribute to 9/11 "
    WHY? Haven’t you had enough drenching of Pathos as spread by every headline grabber this weekend?? I quit.

  9. Unca Jim commented on Arlo and Janis 15 days ago

    “never forget of what happened on this day "
    They stole my sister’s Birthday, for one, for two, I saw it happening in person and there’s NO forgetting THAT ! Thus and so, I’m shutting down for the day. Screw it. It’s just not worth the pain and aggravation.

  10. Unca Jim commented on Stone Soup Classics 17 days ago

    Roast Beef Sammich with gravy poured over the mashed potatoes and string beans. Ca 1946 Home Town Corner Grille. Big night in town for a kid and his lil’ sister.