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  1. leons1701 commented on Tank McNamara 4 days ago

    Amateurism was an invention of the Victorian elites to avoid having to acknowledge the accomplishments of working class athletes. By denying the accomplishments of anyone who got paid for them, they could keep “world records” safely in the hands of those who had the money and leisure time to perform for free, ie. themselves.

  2. leons1701 commented on Tank McNamara 6 days ago

    And curling does? Don’t take that motto too seriously.

  3. leons1701 commented on Tank McNamara 13 days ago

    Well, yes and no. Akron is at times rather proud of its not Cleveland status, but being only a little more than a half hour drive from downtown Cleveland, it’s very much a part of the greater Cleveland region. Akron sports fans mostly root for Cleveland teams, people in Cleveland saw LeBron play in high school. The entire NE Ohio region is relatively close knit and it’s that region that LeBron came home to. When 1.3 million people turned out for the Cavs victory parade, they didn’t all come from Cleveland (Cleveland’s entire population is only about a third of that)

  4. leons1701 commented on Pearls Before Swine 16 days ago

    I may be the odd one out here, because there are times I prefer to deal with the automated system, especially when I know what the problem is and simply need the cable modem reset. Was rather annoyed when they removed the option to do that without talking to a “technician” because it takes at least three times as long when dealing with an actual person. Automation is not always a bad thing, as long as there is an option to get live help if you want/need it.

  5. leons1701 commented on Tank McNamara 27 days ago

    Hey, considering that most people figured we’d burn the city down if we ever won anything, two weeks of parties is pretty damn mellow. Sadly, the odds of getting through the RNC with the city intact are pretty bad.

  6. leons1701 commented on Tank McNamara about 1 month ago

    More likely individuals within the government, the government itself is highly unlikely to make money off the Olympics.

  7. leons1701 commented on Tank McNamara about 1 month ago

    I know some fine adult autograph collectors (though they deal in fields other than sports) and I’m sure they’d agree, it’s all about respecting the person who’s autograph you’re seeking. And that means being willing to pay, among other things (though there are some greedy asshats who’s fees are absurd and they’ll just live without that autograph). These cheesy resellers have no respect for anyone or anything.

  8. leons1701 commented on Get Fuzzy about 1 month ago

    I’m pretty sure in Bucky’s case it’s “Talk loudly and carry a teeny tiny banana”

  9. leons1701 commented on Tank McNamara about 1 month ago

    Only if he does it in the next couple of days.Today would be nice.

  10. leons1701 commented on Get Fuzzy about 1 month ago

    That’s exactly what I thought.