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  1. leons1701 commented on Pearls Before Swine 9 days ago

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who thought of that.

  2. leons1701 commented on Frazz 14 days ago

    Some cash strapped states have realized there’s good money in DUI fines and reinstatement fees. Take Ohio, where the last attempt to lower the legal limit went so low, MADD opposed it. Now that’s low!

  3. leons1701 commented on Frazz 17 days ago

    That’s what they’re training for, you need to work up properly.

  4. leons1701 commented on Non Sequitur 27 days ago

    Wonder if this series of strips was inspired by these photos? They were a bit of a viral hit, at least around these parts where people actually remember that mall.


  5. leons1701 commented on FoxTrot 30 days ago

    Most Sunday comics supplements are printed by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. Maybe next week.

  6. leons1701 commented on Frazz about 1 month ago

    As usual, the sanctimonious self righteousness of the comments is too much.

  7. leons1701 commented on Tank McNamara about 1 month ago

    Spanking is one thing, Beating a kid with a branch hard enough to need medical attention is another. AP belongs.

  8. leons1701 commented on Tank McNamara about 1 month ago

    Don’t forget Aaron Hernandez.

  9. leons1701 commented on Pearls Before Swine 2 months ago

    Would be rather difficult since despite the name, polar bears aren’t bears at all.

  10. leons1701 commented on Frazz 2 months ago

    The only time I ever went over the handlebars was when the front wheel fell off going over a speedbump. Hello pavement, hello concussion. Since then, I have been much more careful checking new bikes for proper tightening of all nuts.

    Now I’ve hit pavement (or gravel, double ouch) plenty of other times, but those always involved going over sideways usually cornering too fast on something slicker or looser than it looked.