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  1. JimmyTheHand commented on Marmaduke 5 days ago

    Fine guard dog Marmaduke makes if he takes bribes.

  2. JimmyTheHand commented on Graffiti 5 days ago

    We have already had a war involving nuclear weapons – hopefully there will be none in the future

  3. JimmyTheHand commented on Garfield 9 days ago

    What ever you do – don’t tell him some ancients in Egypt worshipped cats

  4. JimmyTheHand commented on The Born Loser 15 days ago

    I not sure I’d rate the mice – they unable to tell Golgafrinchans from human (mind you that probably makes us Golgafrinchans)

  5. JimmyTheHand commented on The Born Loser about 1 month ago

    Hopefully not as expensive as the “Bun in the Oven” version

  6. JimmyTheHand commented on Wizard of Id 2 months ago

    problem with maps – when someone puts an unexpected diversion or forgets to put any useful signs up – you have to find somewhere to park to check them again. A satnav takes stress out of the situation, especially useful for going to appointments like job interviews.

  7. JimmyTheHand commented on Fred Basset 4 months ago

    is it a mouse or a hyperintelligent pan-dimensional looking for the question with 42 as answer

  8. JimmyTheHand commented on Marmaduke 4 months ago

    I really wish William would stop sending us all his post

  9. JimmyTheHand commented on B.C. 5 months ago

    sober is merely when the illusion that is reality occurs due to too much blood in the alcohol stream

  10. JimmyTheHand commented on B.C. 5 months ago

    perhaps he doesn’t like pickled turkey

    (pickled is slang for drunk )