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  1. JimmyTheHand commented on Andy Capp 2 days ago

    If memory serves right – Flo carried Andy across the threshold (at least I recall a carton where she said so(

  2. JimmyTheHand commented on Graffiti 4 days ago

    or sometimes it starts late without one going off – yesterday the DAB/Wifi internet radio radio I use as an Alarm clock decided, not for the first time, I needed a lay in and left radio off.

  3. JimmyTheHand commented on The Born Loser 5 days ago

    I’d rather read Beviek’s comments than some angry rantings from some rather intolerant and obnoxious poster

  4. JimmyTheHand commented on Working Daze 9 days ago

    there are some workers who’s productivity goes up when they are on Facebook as they have less time to mess things up

  5. JimmyTheHand commented on Fred Basset 12 days ago

    I’d guess the comment introduced comments were because several UK species were introduced into USA from UK, including Starlings which are the most likely to be in large flocks. worryingly they are doing rather better in USA than UK at moment

  6. JimmyTheHand commented on Working Daze 13 days ago

    It is funny but once I have the whole series available on the PVR or DVD I seem to just lose interest in it and often find myself watching films on TV that I have already on DVD, well when I saw watch – half watch while I browse web/do stuff on computer – so I don’t see myself paying on demand as /i/ doubt I use it

  7. JimmyTheHand commented on Wizard of Id 14 days ago

    in the last panel, the way the foot hides some of the stomach makes him look very “buxom”

  8. JimmyTheHand commented on Marmaduke 16 days ago

    There seems a theme today – link

  9. JimmyTheHand commented on B.C. 18 days ago

    I’d rather the spiders than what they eat running around – so I leave them alone or help them out of the building if needed

  10. JimmyTheHand commented on Andy Capp 19 days ago

    You should try a sausage-in-a-bun