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  1. Coggo commented on Buni 21 days ago

    That’s why unicorns are extinct – they kept stabbing themselves.

  2. Coggo commented on Buni 28 days ago

    From the phrase finder:

    “This is one of the many colourful Australian phrases for vomiting. It was coined by, or at least popularised by, Barry Humphries and appeared in his 1965 review A Nice Night’s Entertainment:

    When I swallowed the last prawn,I had a technicolor yawn and I chundered in the old Pacific Sea."

    It’s a change for slang terms to travel the other way across the Pacific!

  3. Coggo commented on Nancy Classics 28 days ago

    Love the “classic beauty” artwork.

  4. Coggo commented on Buni 28 days ago

    You must be an Aussie, or at least a fan of Bazza Mackenzie!!

  5. Coggo commented on Buni 2 months ago

    But he is still wearing his rubber!

  6. Coggo commented on Buni 2 months ago

    No lead left in HIS pencil.

  7. Coggo commented on Lio 7 months ago

    It’s no good Robot, she’s got her hands blocking her ears.

  8. Coggo commented on Pearls Before Swine 7 months ago

    Maccas new dish … ratburger!!

  9. Coggo commented on Peanuts 7 months ago

    Us oldies are smarter than the youngsters give us credit for … hee hee hee.

  10. Coggo commented on Lio 8 months ago

    The golf bag is downcast – I guess it has been boned.