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  1. kevindix commented on Peanuts about 2 years ago

    Lucy just teed up a mental football and pulled it away, like always.

  2. kevindix commented on Over the Hedge almost 4 years ago

    I certainly didn’t intend to make light of his illness. However, I believe he was going bald long before that, and I am fairly sure he has made jokes about it himself.

  3. kevindix commented on Over the Hedge almost 4 years ago

    Scott Hamilton is jealous of the furry ones, as he has little or nothing to shed from his head any longer. :)

  4. kevindix commented on U.S. Acres almost 4 years ago

    Yes, Orson should have had night vision goggles on.

  5. kevindix commented on Rose is Rose almost 4 years ago

    That round head is very unlike a cardinal.

  6. kevindix commented on Bloom County almost 4 years ago

    Since these are all repeats, and not particularly tied to the current season, why not just go on to the next?

  7. kevindix commented on B.C. almost 4 years ago

    I will be the pedant today and point out that we do not convert all the oxygen that we breathe in into carbon dioxide, so there is still oxygen in the air we exhale — just a little less than there was when we inhaled, and a little more carbon dioxide than there was.

  8. kevindix commented on Wizard of Id almost 4 years ago

    It’s a little hard to get behind William Pursell taking the authors to task about a missing comma when he used three unnecessary capitalizations, two incorrect apostrophes, and a period-comma sequence where a comma-space would have been appropriate.

  9. kevindix commented on Non Sequitur almost 4 years ago

    Creepy Crawlers and the related toy, Vac-U-Form, probably were dropped because of the exposed heating element.

  10. kevindix commented on Gray Matters almost 4 years ago

    Generally, the landline phones you can buy now have a way of mounting them on the wall, but they never look right to me.