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  1. amorris commented on Signe Wilkinson about 13 hours ago

    No, he is a simple buffoon.

  2. amorris commented on Ted Rall 7 days ago

    He knows; he’s been told several times, but he keeps repeating the same garbage. Isn’t that the textbook definition of a troll?

  3. amorris commented on Signe Wilkinson 9 days ago

    Once again: the FBI investigates; they CANNOT indict. Surely you know this by now. Are you a troll?

  4. amorris commented on Tom Toles 9 days ago

    Correct. One thing for sure the FBI doesn’t do is indictments. That is the purview of prosecutors and grand juries.

  5. amorris commented on Mike Lester 13 days ago

    The only people yelling “disarm” and “confiscation” are the NRA and right wingers.

  6. amorris commented on Clay Bennett 18 days ago

    Do you really believe the state dept paid Bill Clinton $3 million per year? Surely I misread you.

  7. amorris commented on Ted Rall 18 days ago

    The AR-15 is not a fully automatic weapon. But it is a very, very fast semi-automatic. And, BTW, they’re very easy to obtain. Should they be?

  8. amorris commented on Clay Jones 21 days ago

    DA frequently refers to opinion pieces as if they were news articles. I think that explains much.

  9. amorris commented on Ted Rall 22 days ago

    Really, is this all you people have to argue about?

  10. amorris commented on Kevin Kallaugher 27 days ago

    Good one!