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  1. midas welby commented on Tom Toles 3 months ago

    Perhaps Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio would be able to answer that question.

  2. midas welby commented on Non Sequitur 5 months ago

    Rebel on Nannette Boulais! My (what often feels like) triple colon fights back with a vengeance some days. Hope the onset of retirement in a couple years offers a bit of relief.

  3. midas welby commented on Calvin and Hobbes 7 months ago


  4. midas welby commented on Tom Toles 8 months ago

    Hippo, if you judge a city of 150,000 people by a highway construction zone, I am very pleased that you are only passing through.

  5. midas welby commented on Tom Toles 8 months ago

    Exactly what my wife, a music teacher, said N-G. We live two blocks up the street from the pool where this happened. There is so much more to what happened there than what is being sensationalized. The officer has resigned, the police chief has commended the other eleven officers who were there for acting as they were trained to act, the unauthorized use of the community park has been identified, the rank-amateur “promoter” wanna be and her mother are known, the DJ was the one who caused the rapid increase in numbers of partiers with his tweets, etc, etc. The very ethnically diverse members of this community just want their families to be safe and happy. Some of us own our homes, others rent until they can afford to buy, the schools are excellent, most of the children are well mannered and respectful, it’s what most people would consider a great place to raise a family. There are going to be problems most anywhere. It’s how a community handles problems that matters most. Craig Ranch North, NOT a gated community, is going to be just fine, thank you. Regardless of race, religion, or narrowly focused politically motivated personal agenda.

  6. midas welby commented on Tom Toles 9 months ago


  7. midas welby commented on Tom Toles 9 months ago

    And not just one comment, but three! SMH

  8. midas welby commented on Calvin and Hobbes 9 months ago

    My life just changed forever Hobbes – I used to think he was looking at ME :-/

  9. midas welby commented on Tom Toles 10 months ago

    It truly is time for a viable, and electable, third party that is willing to take and hold the middle ground again. Maybe even a fourth, or fifth, party. Too much power concentrated in too small a space. And there really is not much of a difference anymore between the two parties that have this nation in a stranglehold. It’s difficult to accept that this is in fact a representative political system. We voters really effed this thing up, didn’t we?

  10. midas welby commented on Tom Toles 11 months ago

    Ted Cruz is the reincarnation of Senator Joe McCarthy. I know I am not even close to being the first person to see this, but the similarities are eerie. Hope the damage Cruz causes before he flames out is far less than the damage McCarthy caused.