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  1. JustPlainBob commented on Luann 16 days ago

    Luann is always pouting if Quill doesn’t want to “make out”. I hope her parents like grandkids because with Luann’s attitude, I see her with three kids from three different fathers, and living off her parents. I hope otherwise, but unfortunately this comic strip is very reality based.

  2. JustPlainBob commented on Luann 18 days ago

    And Gunth sees Peru poverty up close and personnal…is outraged…and becomes the next Che Guevara.

  3. JustPlainBob commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not about 1 month ago

    Yeah, that’s what I use my teeth for…to grind up my food.

  4. JustPlainBob commented on The Meaning of Lila 4 months ago

    Who drew the last panel ???

  5. JustPlainBob commented on Shoe 4 months ago

    Yeah, like Sing Sing!

  6. JustPlainBob commented on Speed Bump 5 months ago

    He’s going to “Smith” somebody??

  7. JustPlainBob commented on Luann 5 months ago

    Yeah, right, Rosa; and leave my Mommy behind?

  8. JustPlainBob commented on Red and Rover 6 months ago

    “Lassie” is only played on cable networks. Why are there rabbit ears on the TV?

  9. JustPlainBob commented on The Dinette Set 7 months ago

    How can you write an autobiography about a person? In third grade, I wrote an autobiography about the family’s 52 Plymouth.

  10. JustPlainBob commented on Luann 7 months ago

    I’m confused too. It’s like the trees aren’t real. But that would imply that none of this is real, and that Luann and Quill are just figments of somebody’s imagination.