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  1. ladylagomorph76 commented on B.C. about 19 hours ago

    With the number of vintage car lovers in the US I can’t wait to see how soon it takes for someone to start import vintage card from Cuba.

  2. ladylagomorph76 commented on Pluggers 1 day ago

    Retain “water”, not retain “pee”… And there’s no room for more, unless your legs develop splits and cracks…at that point you have a REAL issue.

  3. ladylagomorph76 commented on Pluggers 3 days ago

    We finally bought our first new piece of furniture after being married 30 years. As I keep mentioning, we have free roaming house rabbits. The moving men brought in our new double recliner and set it down. In about three seconds our little girl bunny had zipped to the center seam of the sofa and undone about two inches of it. LOL. It’s now ten years old, we’ve lost the pair of bunnies we had at the time, they were elderly at eleven, and we treasure the little “bunny bites” as a sweet memory. There are a few more on the skirt from another feisty little girl. And grandsons have made their share of messes on as well! It’s a family sofa.

  4. ladylagomorph76 commented on Pluggers 8 days ago

    True story shortened.
    My Dad wanted to get my Mom a computer.
    She hated the idea.
    They fussed over it. But he put one in anyway.
    I used to call her every day to check on her.
    One day she called and said “Your FATHER put in that thing!”
    The next day she called to say shed sent me an email.
    The next day I called her, she literally said, “Oh, I do t need to talk yo you now, I just sent everything by email.”
    And from then on, email it was.

  5. ladylagomorph76 commented on Arlo and Janis 8 days ago

    - Henry David Thoreau said “Simplify, simplify, simplify!”

  6. ladylagomorph76 commented on Arlo and Janis 9 days ago

    A pound of gold, because the feathers are blown around Bly currents of air and float down. They don’t ’fall".

  7. ladylagomorph76 commented on Agnes 11 days ago

    Ah! The “California Crud” (which is what my friends and I call it) has officially reached Ohio! This year it’s really hanging on. My friend has had it six weeks, and our son even longer, with his going into a lung infection. I’m considering straws up my nose so I can breathe! (JUST KIDDING!)

  8. ladylagomorph76 commented on Non Sequitur 12 days ago

    Just how I feel about wading into uncharted creeks!

  9. ladylagomorph76 commented on B.C. 12 days ago


  10. ladylagomorph76 commented on Agnes 12 days ago

    My imaginary friend was a horse.