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  1. jenisaisquoi commented on Mike Lester almost 5 years ago

    And this whole issue of the church businesses and contraception has nothing at all to do with “freedom of religion” and everything to do with federal labor laws. Catholic hospitals and universities take gobs of federal funding and also are tax exempt, so if they are going to suck off the federal teet, then they are beholden to federal labor laws, like any of the rest of us who are employers. I can’t, as an employer, decide because of my religious views, to deny certain federal labor rights to my employees, to allow that would cause anarchy. What if a religion decides they are religiously for child labor, then do they get to overlook child labor laws? No, the answer is Catholic businesses, if you want to be free from all federal laws, then STOP TAKING FEDERAL FUNDING, until then, STFU and follow the law like the rest of us have to. Man, these right wingers will come entirely unhinged when insurance companies have to actually provide ALL services after the Affordable Care Act goes into full effect Jan. 1, 2014. It’ll be fun to watch actually.

  2. jenisaisquoi commented on Mike Lester almost 5 years ago

    There is absolutely no comparison between Rush’s hours long rant about a college student, attacking her, her morals, her parents even, and lying about the actual substance of her testimony and calling any woman on contraceptives a “slut” and Bill Maher calling Sarah Palin a “dumb twat.” Firstly, Palin is a ruthless snarky woman, who gives it out as much, if not more, than than she takes it and this girl is an innocent, who is not a public figure. Secondly, and most importantly, while I do not like the use of words like “twat,” and do not like that Maher called anyone that, he supports women’s rights stridently, Rush does not and has a long illustrious history of misogyny. What Rush said hatefully about women all these years would not be nearly as objectionable if he wasn’t so anti-women’s rights. So, between a lefty who occasionally hurls a sexist name, but who supports women’s rights, and Rush, who daily wallows in misogyny and doesn’t support women’s rights, there is absolutely no equivalency at all. This cartoon is vile and anyone defending it or the person who did it is complicit in the racism and sexism it perpetuates. Mike Lester’s wife, whether he beats you or not, your husband is a vile racist, sexist human being, and that should be enough for you to walk out. Apparently, you hate you own gender as much as he does, which is tragic.

  3. jenisaisquoi commented on Mike Lester almost 5 years ago

    it’s not surprising that someone as clearly misogynist and racist as this cartoonist is also a wife-beater.

  4. jenisaisquoi commented on Mike Lester almost 5 years ago

    funny a wifebeater attacking others about misogyny.