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  1. Gerry Lee commented on Luann about 18 hours ago

    Frank is making mistakes, but they aren’t foolish, just naive. He doesn’t have the money or the experience to plan for the unexpected, so this weeks rapid succession of delays and sudden demands threatens to overwhelm him. I have faith that Mr. Gray, like Rosa before him, will settle into the cast of supporting characters and present some very fun opportunities for the characters to interact with.

  2. Gerry Lee commented on Luann about 24 hours ago

    In panel 2 the warehouse windows make the building look like a church, and behold! A multitude of angels cometh:) Fun!

  3. Gerry Lee commented on Luann 2 days ago

    We know Mr. Gray used to manage a club, but what is he doing now that requires him to have a trucker in the area on call? And just what kind of club did Mr. Gray run in Vegas? None of this matters though, since the googly eyed Nancy has checked out the goods, and emphatically likes what she sees! Purrr! Oh well, as long as the trucker is Dirk:)

  4. Gerry Lee commented on Luann 3 days ago

    Get mine with double pepperoni and extra cheese Mr. Gray!

  5. Gerry Lee commented on Luann 3 days ago

    @Implausible- “Why are people debating who it is”?

    Well, not speaking for everyone, but I find it enjoyable to speculate and read others’ thoughts. It’s true that Mr. Gray’s comment could read more like a declaration of Mr. Evans’ intent as a writer than a hint, and you’re probably right, it is in all likelihood Mr. Gray. For me, and I don’t presume to speak for you, I’ve been enjoying “Luann” more since I stopped trying to see it purely as a piece of writing and to immerse in the story a little more than I used to. Granted, there are things that disrupt my enjoyment from time to time, same as for you, so I don’t mean to sound critical of you. I hope you really enjoy “Luann” daily, and that it makes your day brighter). Whoever the voice turns out to be, I’m glad it got people thinking back to that time when Mr. Gray spoke up in the strip you kindly posted. To me, it’s neat to see that thread picked up again today. To me, that’s good writing, not bad, it shows long term planning and the writer’s involvement in his story:)

  6. Gerry Lee commented on Luann 4 days ago

    My only disappointment if it turns out to be Mr. Grey is that I have yet to feel any emotional attachment to the character. It’s his nature to just sort of be there, placid and silent. I love the ‘mob connections’ banter that goes on here, though they are probably just jokes. It’s just hard for me to imagine Mr. Grey confidently walking into the building and announcing he’s the right man for the job. And would he interject ‘Me’ or would he be more likely to say ‘I am’? Why am I over thinking this? The answer will be revealed tonight. Tonight? Ohmigosh, that’s HOURS away…! (Starts turning his monitor back and forth, trying to see who’s beyond the edge of the panel)

  7. Gerry Lee commented on Luann 4 days ago

    Mr. Grey is a good guess, since he mentioned managing a club in Las Vegas. Though, the DeGroots don’t know him, so he’d have to have taken a real interest in following their activities since that dinner conversation. One other possibility is…Elwood? I don’t know that character very well, but he got Tiffany and Luann jobs, and claims to be well heeled, yes? The reason I think Anne Eiffel isn’t a possibility is I can’t see T.J. putting the club in her hands, and I imagine Brad can’t have given his parents a very good impression of her either.

  8. Gerry Lee commented on Luann 4 days ago

    Don’t worry Frank, it looks like she brought an armload of copies of her poster. I hope there are some to put up outside the renovating building where people who might want to adopt animals can see them:) Outrageous ‘never happen’ prediction of the day: Tiffany and Bernice will share their first kiss in 2016.

  9. Gerry Lee commented on Luann 5 days ago

    And Luann makes the first contribution to the building’s new tributes to the Arts! Congratulations Luann, and may there be many more! The first play they do should be the Broadway adaptation of the film ‘Xanadu’, starring Luann as Kira, Quill as Sonny, and Frank as Danny McGuire:) There is room for a roller disco in there somewhere right? Still bummed ‘Fusion’ isn’t going be named ‘Luannadu’!

  10. Gerry Lee commented on Luann 5 days ago

    Hi Gokie5, I read the strip a little differently, it looked to me like Frank went out to the store to buy a washer and could only find a multi-pack. But I agree that he’s being ‘Cranky Frank’ today, everything is out to get him:) Nancy is cool, she just opens the junk drawer without overstating the fact that this is why it was a mess in the first place.