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  1. Gerry Lee commented on Luann 7 months ago

    All right, Tiffany front and center in the place of honor:) Good times:)

  2. Gerry Lee commented on Luann 9 months ago

    It’s been mostly fun hanging out here with you guys:) We’re all fans of the strip, but I’m getting depressed hearing my fave character Tiffany insulted and slandered everyday. She’s the bad girl, but she is not a whore or irredeemably evil as many posters like to snipe everytime she shows up. My best wishes to you all here, enjoy ‘Luann’ for many years to come!

  3. Gerry Lee commented on Luann 10 months ago

    Barf. Fish a little harder for compliments Luann, you might catch a shark.

  4. Gerry Lee commented on Luann 10 months ago

    Don’t get all self righteous Quill. If you’d made this gently clear when Tiff asked you to the camp to begin with, then this might not have happened. You decided to twist things around so you could be with Luann at the camp without telling Tiff, so why shouldn’t she think you’re a little interested since you took her up on the invitation?

  5. Gerry Lee commented on Luann 10 months ago

    Tiffany could be taking the picture for her own enjoyment later. Trying to shock Luann with it would be pathetic at this point since Mr. Evans went out of his way to defuse any tension this might have caused in the readers by having Quill give Lu the heads up that there was a kissing scene with Tiff and Lu’s indifferent reaction to it. Though Tiff doesn’t know it, we as readers know that Luann won’t feel threatened in the least. There is no element of tension or surprise if that’s the way the story goes….

  6. Gerry Lee commented on Luann 10 months ago

    Fingers crossed that Tiff will be attached to Quill when he shows up:)

  7. Gerry Lee commented on Luann 10 months ago

    That’s low Gunther. You’re reinforcing Luann’s lack of trust in Quill. She needs hourly spy reports? Give it up!

  8. Gerry Lee commented on Luann 10 months ago

    Ack! Gunther, get with the program! You’re lousing things up! Lol!

  9. Gerry Lee commented on Luann 10 months ago

    @Leviticus: You are right, I’d like Tiff to be a little more childlike myself. I think with the recent story where everyone was thinking about the possibility of Luann and Quill having sex, we as readers might be hypersensitive to what Tiffany is saying today, so soon after that. Or it might just be me. But by opening the door to Quill and Luann’s intimate possibilities, the whole nature of the Luannaverse has changed. If it’s possible for Luann, why shouldn’t we assume Tiff is also serious? I don’t know the answer to that. I will just have faith in her, and if she falls from grace, will forgive her even so:)

  10. Gerry Lee commented on Luann 10 months ago

    I need to amend my statement ‘she “loves” Quill as much as she can love anyone…’. In light of the wonderful art by MikeyJ, I forgot the cardinal rule. I should have said ‘she loves…as much as she can love anyone…except herself’:)