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  1. Bald fat and ugly commented on Red and Rover over 2 years ago

    All of you pessimists, see this as a bad thing, I on the other hand see a big league pitcher in the making.

  2. Bald fat and ugly commented on Kitchen Capers over 2 years ago

    I think it’s called Bok Choy here in the U.S.

  3. Bald fat and ugly commented on Minimum Security almost 3 years ago

    Since Stephanie is once again “radically transforming” this strip, I think it’s time for a name change. May I suggest “Lenin’s Dailly Thought” or “Stalin’s Follies” or maybe “Love Letters from Chairman Mao”. Her original premise at least was mildly entertaining, this seems “Don Quixote” ‘ish, tilting at windmills. Some grasp of reality would be nice, instead of these tired cliches from the Socialist Revolution of last century. It’s obvious that the future will include some hard times, that as a people we will have to relearn what our grandparents and greatgrandparents knew. How to get along with less. Crying the Blues about the “evil rich”, doesn’t change the fact there always have been and always will be the “Haves” and “Have Nots”. Get over it and get to work bettering your lot in life. I’ve always been “poor”
    by this country’s standards but have never missed a meal or been without a roof over my head. Count your blessings and help out your fellow humans whenever possible. Endeavor to lead a better life and who knows what the future holds.

  4. Bald fat and ugly commented on The Barn almost 3 years ago

    As long as I don’t have to smell the sheep, all is good.

  5. Bald fat and ugly commented on Pluggers almost 3 years ago

    When my grandfather died, my grandmother told me to take whatever I wanted from his shed. I took his collection of pipes, the cigar box he’d run his business out of for forty years and a huge ring of keys of unknown origin. Thrirty years later, they’re still on display in my garage.

  6. Bald fat and ugly commented on Last Kiss almost 3 years ago

    I really wanna know what he is smoking in that pipe. It looks like it’s ready to explode.

  7. Bald fat and ugly commented on Imagine This almost 3 years ago

    Jeez ! Even in this strip, those dumb crocs can’t get a meal.

  8. Bald fat and ugly commented on Big Nate almost 3 years ago

    Lovers’ tiff?

  9. Bald fat and ugly commented on Basic Instructions almost 3 years ago

    When I was younger and went to my grandparents house,their oldies station played Sinatra, Dorsey and Louie Prima. My mother’s idea of the oldies included Elvis, Engleburt and Tom Jones. Now the oldies stations are playing the music of my youth and yet I somehow doubt that Lady GaGa and Miley will last the test of time. I’ll be proven wrong of course and my grandkids will probably be wondering how their music ended up on the oldies station.

  10. Bald fat and ugly commented on Betty almost 3 years ago

    Yes, twenty-something year old kids, fresh from signing multi-million dollar contracts for some kids game. They buy a dozen of them at a time plus a hundred or more pair of $300 sneakers,a couple of fly rides and a mansion or two. A few years later, with a blown out knee or the like, they wonder where it all went.