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  1. Wayne commented on FoxTrot Classics about 4 years ago

    I surprised they haven’t but “hair club for dolts” in the strip. (Yes I know it’s an old strip, yet I like it anyway.)

  2. Wayne commented on The Other Coast about 4 years ago

    My buddy was a dog handler. That dog went everywhere with him, yup – the can too. I’ve met more than quite a few handlers and their dogs are never (not) by their sides. Execpt when they have to leave them when they rotate back to the States. It is one of the sadest things I seen for someone to go through. To this day, my buddy pines for his dog. Another one can’t wait for the war to end because he has been promised his, when she is retired.

  3. Wayne commented on The Big Picture about 4 years ago

    or – why is there brialle on the name plates that are put on the top of doors for conference rooms, ect., at all the major hotels. There are not very many people that are that tall.

  4. Wayne commented on Big Nate about 4 years ago

    At you all – @Feed Me Comics!
    I had to repeat a grade, because I didn’t pay attention. What did it cost me, nothing. It made me pay attention and excell in my life. Although, I had to learn the hard way, along the way. Retired SGM and Retired FBI.

  5. Wayne commented on The Big Picture about 4 years ago

    @nighthawks – he is 100% wrong for this country. Study his backgroud. What you can find of it – you know – the parts that he hasn’t had sealed.

  6. Wayne commented on Cleats about 4 years ago

    Yup, The playground is right over there. You can use you cell phones, sleep in the grass, ect. Take turns running after the kids.

  7. Wayne commented on Bliss about 4 years ago

    Neigbors cow?

  8. Wayne commented on Over the Hedge about 4 years ago

    A serious waste of Billions (Actually Trillions). They should put some emphasis on exploring our own planet and attempting to deal with (cure) the diseases here on earth. Start with seriously looking at the oceans, our life source!

  9. Wayne commented on Home and Away about 4 years ago

    That’s about right. Why not just keep the house clean on a daily basis – clean as you go! It makes it much easier if your going to go out of your way to impress someone.

  10. Wayne commented on The Big Picture about 4 years ago

    Thanks! Great Job! Let’s not forget the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, & Airmen (Women too) that have been lost in the two wars following 9/11. Maybe the people that always whine and complain will step up too – though I’m not holding my breath!