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  1. tabonsell commented on Win, Lose, Drew 6 days ago

    Yes, festin, Belichick’s Patriots have beaten Litton’s Broncos 4 times. Never mind that the Patriots under Belichick have lost 10 to the horses.

    ,The all-time record between the teams is 25-20 favoring the Broncos

  2. tabonsell commented on Michael Ramirez about 1 month ago

    The deficit hasn’t doubled during the past 7 years of Obama’s almost 6-year reign. George W. Bush left a deficit of $1.412 trillion dollars (yes it takes borrowing to address that problem) and the deficit is now about 25% of what Bush left. Please use facts.

  3. tabonsell commented on Robert Ariail about 1 month ago

    Right. And if the “news media” wouldn’t report on what’s happening it wouldn’t happen. The “media” is always the cause of what’s happening.

  4. tabonsell commented on Mike Luckovich 3 months ago

    And yet the rich do much better under Democratic leadership than under GOP. Check it out.

    Dems in the White House create more jobs, grow the GDP more and hit record highs on the stock market where the rich keep most of their money.

    Government deficits are lower under Dems and the debt grows much less. GOPers increase government spending much more and every GOP administration since World War I has presided over a recession, some more than once, or a depression. Democrat-caiused recessions are about as rare as a Mensa meeting in a Tea Party bathtub.

    So just how does that offend the wealthy and unapologetic capitalists?

  5. tabonsell commented on Steve Kelley 4 months ago

    And, in a list of the 100 most-dangerous places to live, Chicago isn’t listed. Neither are Seattle and Portland, two other Democratic-led cities.

    Places that are listed include Knoxville, Tulsa, Houston, Miami Beach, Orlando, Baton Rouge, Daytona Beach, Nashville, Little Rock, Atlanta, Muskogee, Birmingham, Memphis’ all in paradise conservative locales.

  6. tabonsell commented on Steve Breen 4 months ago

    Not quite right. Obama is about 20 percentage points higher than Bush, not 20 percent. That translate to about 80 to 90% higher.

  7. tabonsell commented on Lisa Benson 5 months ago

    Quite a strange comment from Lisa.

    Here is the official population of California, and these Californians need to have employment in a business to survive.

    1950, 10.586 million;.
    1990, 29760 million;
    2000, 33,871 million;
    2004, 35.894 million;
    2010, 37.254 million;
    2012 38,041 million

    That seems like a lot of population growth for a state that has so many businesses and residents leaving. Doesn’t seem possible if businesses were fleeing the state that the state would see such a population growth between 2010 and 2012.

  8. tabonsell commented on Stone Soup 5 months ago

    At the beginning of summer, they were headed to a lake by going on highway 126. That is out of Eugene, Oregon, going west and east.

    There is a huge reservoir a few miles west of Eugene that might be big enough not to see the other side.

  9. tabonsell commented on Jeff Stahler 7 months ago

    Your reason is not how they do it, and Mr. Lind is closest to the truth.

    Computers analyze the vast amount of data from phone calls that have been completed, maybe days earlier. Because of the amount of data it is all on computer discs and no human eye will ever see it.

    When the computer discards most of the information; that which is not relative to the investigation, and concentrates on what little is left. It searches for patterns of suspicious behavior and when it finds that, the agency gets a court warrant to monitor the handful of suspects left.

    After monitoring those and recording what was transmitted,that is run through computers with “key words.” When those messages with “key words” are isolated, the agency gets another court warrant
    to listen to or read what the court allows.

    Mr Lind is correct. There are about 300 billion emails transmitted worldwide each day. If an analyst could read one email ever 1.5 minutes. he/she could read 300 a day. That would mean the agency would need one billion analysts to do one day’s work. Impossible. There are fewer phone conversations, but still too many to be monitored as most people think they are.

    I know because I was there at the beginning of the agency and worked the field for years.

  10. tabonsell commented on ViewsAmerica 7 months ago

    To Tigger:

    The real answer is none of the above.

    The troops were pulled out of Iraq under an agreement between al-Maliki and George W. Bush. When Obama tried to extend the stay in Iraq, Maliki would have none of that. Get a fact.