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  1. tabonsell commented on John Deering 5 months ago

    Worked for Elizabeth Warren, who was blocked from heading the new consumer protection agency she created so she ousted a Republican senator to join the Senate to give the GOP nightmares.

  2. tabonsell commented on Tom Toles 5 months ago

    It’s not Republicans who have abandoned any pretense of democracy. It;s conservatives, and that goes back way beyond the formation of the Republican Party.
    During the war of Independence 50,000 Tories abandoned the colonies to side with Great Britain. Only conservative icon Benedict Arnold is remembered as a traitor.
    When the Constitution was written conservatives at the convention refused to sign it.
    Conservative slave states tried to destroy the union in the 1860s to preserve slavery forever.
    Conservatives tried to prevent FDR from overcoming the Great Depression, preserve democracy,save capitalism and prevent a Marxist revolution.
    Conservatives tried to prevent the protection of rights for all Americans in the 1960s, a century after the Constitution promised equal rights for all persons..
    Conservatives have always been the enemy of the United States.

  3. tabonsell commented on Jerry Holbert 5 months ago

    Of course the debt has gone up. The present administration inherited a deficit of about $1.4 trillion. What do you suspect is required to take down that deficit? Only debt will do it. Put the blame where it belongs on this deficit-debt problem that started under Ronald Reagan and is made worse by Republicans.

  4. tabonsell commented on Jerry Holbert 5 months ago

    Democrats have done “absolutely .nothing for the middle class?” Nonsense. Since the job destruction of Baby Bush’s economic disaster was halted the Democratic administration has presided over 18 million jobs created. Who do you think got those jobs other than the middle class?

  5. tabonsell commented on Lisa Benson 5 months ago

    PS: But Reagan did increase the gasoline tax. tobacco tax and liquor tax; so you are right on that point.

  6. tabonsell commented on Lisa Benson 5 months ago

    Your memory is faulty.

    Reagan increased the payroll tax in 1983 which created large surpluses in the Social Security Trust Fund. A 1938 law requires all surpluses to go into the Treasury for debt instruments. Now the Social Security Trust Fund holds about $3 trillion in US debt which is the reason the Republicans want to “reform” Social Security; they don’t want to redeem that debt that can be done only with taxes.

  7. tabonsell commented on Mike Luckovich 5 months ago

    “The people” is third-pedson plural to anyone capable of passing a high-school English class. No way would that ever designate singularity or individual right. But Scalia claimed an individual right to have a gun. It was Scalia who didn’t understand the Second Amendment, and by your “reasoning” he should have never been on the court.

  8. tabonsell commented on John Deering 6 months ago

    Happened before. A dead Democrat won the election for a Senate seat. .Proves that even a dead Democrat is better than a live Republican. His widow then won a special election.

  9. tabonsell commented on Jim Morin 6 months ago

    What problems?

    Too many new jobs created?
    Too much growth in the GDP?
    Too many wars concluded?
    Too many Americans gaining healthcare coverage?
    Gasoline prices too low?
    Not enough imported oil?
    ISIS losing too much territory?
    Not enough morons in the GOP debates?

  10. tabonsell commented on Clay Jones 6 months ago

    Obama sure is unpopular.

    His lowest approval ratings have been 37 percent. That’s the fourth highest of all presidents since the Great Depression. The only higher have been FDR, 48%; Dwight Eisenhower. 48%, and Jack Kennedy 56%. Not a conservative in the bunch.

    Other ratings: Daddy Bush, 29%, Ronald Reagan, 35% and Baby Bush 19%. Conservatives all.