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  1. tabonsell commented on Mike Luckovich 16 days ago

    What you say is total nonsense. What you claim are the only function of the US government was the Articles of Confederation. It failed in less that one decade leading to the United States Constitution that has many more functions. Try studying it.

  2. tabonsell commented on Mike Luckovich 2 months ago

    We didn’t vote the Winter Olympics out in ’76. The vote was not to use taxpayer money for the Olympics; the Olympics and its sponsors could have paid for it. They decided to skedaddle.

  3. tabonsell commented on Gary Varvel 3 months ago

    The $20 trillion national debt was created by the perpetual debt machine created by Ronald Reagan. His tax cuts created debt as did his tax increases. His additional defense spending created debt as did not spending surplus payroll-tax money. And paying interest on the debt also increases the debt.

  4. tabonsell commented on Gary Varvel 3 months ago

    Here’s a breakdown of those 96 million out of the workforce:

    Retired, 60 million;
    In college, 20 million;
    Incacerated, 2.5 million;
    Stay-at-home housewives (or husbands), 10.5 million;
    A few drawing unemployment.

    And the $1.4 trillion deficit left by George W. Bush has been reduced to a fraction of where it started and continues to go down.

  5. tabonsell commented on Steve Benson 3 months ago

    Not true

    There were 55 delegates at the First Continental Congress that adopted the Declaration of independence and 55 at the Constitutional Convention, Of the first 55 only six were at the second. Two different groups.

    And where did you get your weird understanding of the Constitution?

  6. tabonsell commented on John Deering 8 months ago

    Worked for Elizabeth Warren, who was blocked from heading the new consumer protection agency she created so she ousted a Republican senator to join the Senate to give the GOP nightmares.

  7. tabonsell commented on Tom Toles 8 months ago

    It’s not Republicans who have abandoned any pretense of democracy. It;s conservatives, and that goes back way beyond the formation of the Republican Party.
    During the war of Independence 50,000 Tories abandoned the colonies to side with Great Britain. Only conservative icon Benedict Arnold is remembered as a traitor.
    When the Constitution was written conservatives at the convention refused to sign it.
    Conservative slave states tried to destroy the union in the 1860s to preserve slavery forever.
    Conservatives tried to prevent FDR from overcoming the Great Depression, preserve democracy,save capitalism and prevent a Marxist revolution.
    Conservatives tried to prevent the protection of rights for all Americans in the 1960s, a century after the Constitution promised equal rights for all persons..
    Conservatives have always been the enemy of the United States.

  8. tabonsell commented on Jerry Holbert 8 months ago

    Of course the debt has gone up. The present administration inherited a deficit of about $1.4 trillion. What do you suspect is required to take down that deficit? Only debt will do it. Put the blame where it belongs on this deficit-debt problem that started under Ronald Reagan and is made worse by Republicans.

  9. tabonsell commented on Jerry Holbert 8 months ago

    Democrats have done “absolutely .nothing for the middle class?” Nonsense. Since the job destruction of Baby Bush’s economic disaster was halted the Democratic administration has presided over 18 million jobs created. Who do you think got those jobs other than the middle class?

  10. tabonsell commented on Lisa Benson 8 months ago

    PS: But Reagan did increase the gasoline tax. tobacco tax and liquor tax; so you are right on that point.