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  1. tabonsell commented on John Deering 18 days ago

    Happened before. A dead Democrat won the election for a Senate seat. .Proves that even a dead Democrat is better than a live Republican. His widow then won a special election.

  2. tabonsell commented on Jim Morin 25 days ago

    What problems?

    Too many new jobs created?
    Too much growth in the GDP?
    Too many wars concluded?
    Too many Americans gaining healthcare coverage?
    Gasoline prices too low?
    Not enough imported oil?
    ISIS losing too much territory?
    Not enough morons in the GOP debates?

  3. tabonsell commented on Clay Jones 25 days ago

    Obama sure is unpopular.

    His lowest approval ratings have been 37 percent. That’s the fourth highest of all presidents since the Great Depression. The only higher have been FDR, 48%; Dwight Eisenhower. 48%, and Jack Kennedy 56%. Not a conservative in the bunch.

    Other ratings: Daddy Bush, 29%, Ronald Reagan, 35% and Baby Bush 19%. Conservatives all.

  4. tabonsell commented on Rob Rogers 28 days ago

    Of course. The left wrote the Constitution.

  5. tabonsell commented on Bob Gorrell 28 days ago

    That is quite a statement; considering it was the “libs” who founded this country while the righties went kicking and screaming to Great Britain and Canada to fight against (treason) the independence. You got the wrong haters.

  6. tabonsell commented on Nick Anderson 30 days ago

    But negotiated, written and sent to Congress for advice and consent by George H. W. Bush.

  7. tabonsell commented on Rob Rogers 3 months ago

    Do you see a pattern?

    From 1981 until 1993, gun deaths increased under Reagan and Bush I.

    From 1993 until 2001 under Clinton gun deaths declined.

    From 2001 until after 2005 under Bush II gun deaths again increased.

    Since Bush II left office they have been decreasing.


  8. tabonsell commented on Nick Anderson 3 months ago

    Cartoon not quite right. The development of ISIS was begun by Ronald Reagan, whose rush into Afghanistan to arm, train and fund anyone who would fight the Soviets created the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Bush I and Bush II just completed the chain of events that is now the present..

  9. tabonsell commented on Rob Rogers 3 months ago

    Try reading. Spending to “promote the general welfare” is in the same sentence as spending for the “common defense.”

  10. tabonsell commented on Mike Luckovich 5 months ago

    Dear Bruce:

    “Your statement: “DEMANDING rights that they do not have…” could have come straight out of the Dred Scott decision.

    If you would check the United States Constitution you will find that all PERSONS, regardless of status, have the exact same rights you have under the Fourteenth Amendment.

    And research has proven that immigrants use government resources much less than to citizens and commit only a fraction of crimes that Americans commit. Plus the taxes they pay into the system for such things as Social Security and Medicare, are never redeemed. They, in short, support you.