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  1. BruceBergman commented on The Barn 3 days ago

    No, I never got over Macho Grande.

  2. BruceBergman commented on Endtown 6 days ago

    Anyone considered he’s a bug, so if he mutated he doesn’t have the equipment to talk anymore? But you’d think he’d do the ‘Chirp once for yes, twice for no’ trick, or Morse Code, a Quija Board, etc.

  3. BruceBergman commented on Dark Side of the Horse about 1 month ago

    Yes. And “Why*I*Oughtta…”

  4. BruceBergman commented on Endtown 4 months ago

    This would be the time to fit a little Dozer Blade on Clive, use the airscout to pick a fairly straight and level path through the mess, and make your own road.

  5. BruceBergman commented on Endtown 5 months ago

    I’d suppose a suddenly appearing tail would take the path of least resistance down a pant leg. And cause Wedgie issues, but that’s another discussion.

  6. BruceBergman commented on The Barn 5 months ago

    QR too blurry to get a lock – It sees the sync boxes in the corners…

  7. BruceBergman commented on Dark Side of the Horse 5 months ago

    It’s been done, at least in theory… You use the hoof to heel-and-toe a rocker pedal (connected to a Vibra-Bug electronic keyer) to do Morse Code – toe for dot, heel for dash. Then let the computer convert that to regular ASCII typing.

  8. BruceBergman commented on Endtown 6 months ago

    On it, or Under it? Could go either way.

    IIRC there’s no way to control which way you go, you get nailed by the first species bug that goes by. And sometimes it’s a virus, and… Well, it isn’t pretty.

  9. BruceBergman commented on My Cage 8 months ago

    Annnnnd this is why stores are starting to track “Serial Returners” who “Buy” it for the Big Weekend to impress people, then return it after the big party. Some actually ban them from the store.

    That costs the stores a lot – they have to get it checked over by a Tech as “Refurbished” before they can resell it, and at a huge loss when they have to cut 20% or more off. Even if they get a “Restocking Fee” that doesn’t cover it.

  10. BruceBergman commented on Dark Side of the Horse 8 months ago

    The new “Dimmable” LEDs have a delay of ~1/4 second as their power supply wakes up – a whole lot better. Only noticeable if you mix both on the same circuit.

    The biggest issue with new bulbs is the ballast inside – you can’t get 15K+ Hours from a CFL or 50K+ Hours from LED if they use dirt cheap 5K Hour active components (transistors and diodes) and assemble them badly.