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Santa vs. Dracula

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  1. FishDog93 commented on Michael Ramirez about 23 hours ago

    The hypocrisy & the belief that you are ALWAYS correct from the left is amazing! Get over yourself! The only moral bankruptcy is from the left & the libatards!

  2. FishDog93 commented on Bloom County 1 day ago

    That would be from “enlightened” liberals trying to shove their beliefs & opinions down the throats of the res tof us.

  3. FishDog93 commented on Bloom County 1 day ago

    I think you mean “re-educate” is a liberal’s dream! Anyone that disagrees with a liberal’s superior opinions is a racist, bigot, or just plain stupid. We all need to rely on big nanny federal government to not only take care of us from cradle to grave, but to tell us what is best for us & your families.

  4. FishDog93 commented on Michael Ramirez 8 days ago

    Right only the left can impose their will, their lack of morals, or their lack of any religious beliefs on the rest of us!
    The hypocrisy of the left would be extremely funny if only libatards didn’t take themselves so seriously or think that they are always correct.

  5. FishDog93 commented on Henry Payne 24 days ago

    Funny, made me laugh.

  6. FishDog93 commented on Mike Lester 24 days ago

    So according to your logic, I can physically attack anyone I want that is walking behind me?? Good to know next time I’m walking down the street.
    If Trayvon was truly minding his own business he would’ve just kept walking, or if he felt threatened, to walk to a gas station or back to the convenience store he came from.

  7. FishDog93 commented on Mike Lester 24 days ago

    And would we have this same issue if the kid were white???
    Thank you Shelby!!! So true,100% correct! The liberal news media in this country is only interested in stocking the racial fires & making sure that the blacks keep an us against them mentality. Hence Zimmerman being reported as white and then a “white-Hispanic”.

  8. FishDog93 commented on Steve Kelley 24 days ago

    Interestingly, we don’t hear about how many Americans get shot at work, at school, in front of their homes, either, not even on Fox. Care to start a conspiracy theory on that one? Who’s in cahoots with whom to keep this off our radar?
    What exactly does that have to do with the cartoon or anything else posted here??
    Actually the liberal news media in this country does a pretty good job of going crazy every time somebody is shot.
    You now what else we never hear of, since you brought it up?? How many Americans defend themselves and their property with a gun. Wonder why that is?? Doesn’t fit into the liberal, mainstream media’s narrative!

  9. FishDog93 commented on Steve Kelley 24 days ago

    Wow, that’s hilarious! That’s the exact opposite of a conservative. What color is the sky in our world? lol

  10. FishDog93 commented on Jerry Holbert 24 days ago

    Agree. Hopefully someday the black community will stop letting itself be used by the democrats as pawns.