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  1. tigerwolf28 commented on Heavenly Nostrils about 7 hours ago

    You should dance like no one is watching and let yourself really cut loose. Don’t care if anyone is.

  2. tigerwolf28 commented on Cow and Boy Classics 1 day ago

    How does the fossil record back up evolution? I think I missed that in school.

  3. tigerwolf28 commented on Cow and Boy Classics 1 day ago

    Actually they have been predicting the oil will run out in the next 50 years since they first found oil.

    Given a chance the free market will work. As oil becomes more scarce prices will go up. More people will drill for more oil where it is more costly to get since what they sale it for goes up. Soon people do to cost will look for other means that are cheaper produced and more profitable.

  4. tigerwolf28 commented on Cow and Boy Classics 13 days ago

    Well maybe Martin knows they are fake flamingos? That may be the best he can get.

  5. tigerwolf28 commented on Cow and Boy Classics 18 days ago

    Sorry Billy your ideas are wrong. One the poverty line is subjective based on different standards of living.

    Next what is wrong with finding the cheapest labor? You get what you pay for. If you want better quality goods you will invest more capital.

  6. tigerwolf28 commented on Ham Shears 18 days ago

    Would of been funnier in a blanket

  7. tigerwolf28 commented on Santa vs. Dracula 18 days ago

    So when do we find out that Dracula is Santa’s son?

  8. tigerwolf28 commented on Beardo 26 days ago

    So if you do this challenge you don’t have to give to the charity?

  9. tigerwolf28 commented on Dogs of C-Kennel 29 days ago

    Tucker must not be talking about Republicans and Democrats when he talks about diverse political climate. If he is then he has the wrong definition.

  10. tigerwolf28 commented on Mac about 1 month ago

    I would think since Mac survived the last time he was at the barber he wouldn’t come back. Of course if they offer good enough rates I guess it is a possibility.