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  1. NAV3563 commented on Overboard 14 days ago

    Hey Louie,,, The guys are coming up over the other side of the ship so you don’t attack them.

  2. NAV3563 commented on Overboard about 1 month ago

    soup was probable stolen from someone else to give to charlie.

  3. NAV3563 commented on The Flying McCoys 4 months ago

    Surprised that Mickey Mouse was not there as well.

  4. NAV3563 commented on Overboard 5 months ago

    looks like a mixup here folks,,, it shows the manager doing the bad flip and then charlie holding the flipper with the manger coming back in for it…. HMMMM who is the real BAD FlIPPER ???

  5. NAV3563 commented on Overboard 6 months ago

    traps must be used now for criminal mouse’s

  6. NAV3563 commented on Overboard 7 months ago

    I don’t know why Louie is afraid of them. He kills them every month picking up his dog hairs………

  7. NAV3563 commented on Overboard 7 months ago

    its a (Louie Alert Alarm ) for the safe.

  8. NAV3563 commented on Heathcliff 7 months ago

    The birds will have to find another way to dump on him.

  9. NAV3563 commented on The Flying McCoys 9 months ago

    1st the Joke is the kid thought the father was the mother with the long hair and was shocked when the mother said thank you from the kitchen. 2nd the pictures are missing because its a close up of the kids with father in chair and mother in doorway.

  10. NAV3563 commented on Overboard 10 months ago

    in front of the oven I’d say