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  1. adm_caine1812 commented on B.C. almost 2 years ago

    Hit the nail squarely on the head. The writers of B. C. have always told the truth with their strips through the years and never once worried about how it would be perceived. They have never flinched.

  2. adm_caine1812 commented on Shoe over 2 years ago

    WOW! So True! And our gubmint wants to put more on those free gubmint benefits.

  3. adm_caine1812 commented on Strange Brew almost 3 years ago

    The PC version of the story……………………..

  4. adm_caine1812 commented on Pickles about 3 years ago

    As my wife is fond of saying. “The difference between men and boys is that men where the bill in the front”. Personally I don’t care for the gangsta style or the attitude that goes with it.

  5. adm_caine1812 commented on Strange Brew about 3 years ago

    Those that actually need wouldn’t be covered anyhow. Read the bill folks! Oh, never mind Nancy did that for you……………wait til you really see what is in it!!!!

  6. adm_caine1812 commented on Stone Soup over 3 years ago

    See it more and more each day. My wife and I were at Olive Garden for dinner one time and this family came in and during the entire meal they were constantly on their phones and never said a word to each other, even the young children. Sad state of affairs.

  7. adm_caine1812 commented on Michael Ramirez over 3 years ago


  8. adm_caine1812 commented on B.C. over 3 years ago

    Amen! We worship the one who died not the chocolate or the jelly beans or the peeps or anything else that was brought about for purely commercial purposes. This is the one strip who I’ve found over the years, that knows and draws the meaning of this season without thought to whether it’s PC or not. Thank-you! Happy Easter!

  9. adm_caine1812 commented on Wizard of Id over 3 years ago

    trolls all around

  10. adm_caine1812 commented on Wizard of Id almost 4 years ago

    When you put the coffee cup between your legs to put stuff in it and then the pressure from holding it causes it to spill, I think that is your fault and that makes it a frivolous lawsuit. Moral of the story: Coffee is HOT and it is supposed to be HOT, case dismissed.