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  1. JimT8 commented on Luann 7 minutes ago

    SuKie, I first read P&P and S&S when I was high school age, but did not touch her again until I saw the wonderful BBC version of Pride and Prejudice with Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth (very faithful to the book). See it! and the Sense and Sensibility with Emma Thomson, Kate Winslet, Alan Rickman and Hugh Grant. My wife has always loved Persuasion and someone on an Internet list years go proclaimed Emma the most perfect novel ever. Now I am hooked. I understand the Disraeli read Pride and Prejudice seventeen time and I can believe it.

  2. JimT8 commented on Luann 7 minutes ago

    Kymberleigh, please ignore all snarky complaints and keep this useful summary appearing regularly!

  3. JimT8 commented on Luann 10 minutes ago

    I don’t know if it is necessary, but sometimes it happens—too often in my wife’s opinion!

  4. JimT8 commented on Luann about 1 hour ago

    Jane Austin herself broke a hasty engagement to a wealthy man who cared only for dogs and horses; her true love was sent off to Ireland by his family; he later became Chief Lord Justice there. Austin’s novels are filled with the plight of young women without fortune faced with the problem of survival if they could not find someone to support them adequately. In Pride and Prejudice a friend of Elizabeth marries “the stupidest man in England,” (as a film version has it) because she wants a comfortable home. In Emma, one of the characters nearly settles for becoming a governess before the stepmother of her secret finance fortuitously dies; In Persuasion, the heroine is persuaded to refuse two offers of marriage by an interfering neighbor; in Sense and Sensibility it is the loving bounder breaks the heart of a young woman whom he loves, when his aunt disinherits him for cause; but her sister does get to marry a nobler man who is disinherited by his mother without good cause, and something similar happens to another character in Emma. Jane Austin herself ended up single and living with a brother.

  5. JimT8 commented on Luann about 2 hours ago

    “You act as if the wedding guests must be limited to characters previously drawn: they don’t.”
    That’s part of the trouble with big weddings.

  6. JimT8 commented on Luann about 2 hours ago

    “Evanses really haven’t created enough characters in this strip who Brad and Toni would be expected to invite to their wedding to have a “big” wedding.”
    You are right and I have wondered about that myself, but I assume they would include the firefighters and their old classmates. A guest list should have been Brad and Toni’s first task—before they booked the venue.

  7. JimT8 commented on Luann about 3 hours ago

    “It seems to me like this strip appeals to thinking people.

    With no shame on their part—a tribute to the intelligence of the Evans.

  8. JimT8 commented on Luann about 3 hours ago

    Jan Austin would have liked you.

  9. JimT8 commented on Luann about 3 hours ago

    You were quite clear, and I was not trying to give you any argument or lip. I was just addressing those folks in general w/o enough success in relationships.

  10. JimT8 commented on Luann about 4 hours ago

    Perhaps you meant to respond to someone else?