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  1. CougarAllen commented on Bad Machinery 1 day ago

    Here in America a tailback is a football player (American football, naturally) so I am expecting burly helmeted men to be tackling each other and fighting over the strawberries and whipped cream….

  2. CougarAllen commented on Wondermark 4 days ago

    They make condoms by dipping a form, not by pouring into molds….

  3. CougarAllen commented on That is Priceless 4 days ago

    They’ll stone ya when you’re tryin’ to go home …


  4. CougarAllen commented on Bliss 7 days ago

    A Message from That Guy on the Internet

    I think you meant to say “fascism” not “facism.”

    -That Guy

  5. CougarAllen commented on Big Nate: First Class 14 days ago

    My answer: “Not yet.” :>

  6. CougarAllen commented on Tank McNamara 15 days ago

    How about soccer players? They’d be good at it! :>

  7. CougarAllen commented on Big Nate 16 days ago

    Van Halen Panama


  8. CougarAllen commented on Scenes from a Multiverse 16 days ago

    Yeah, and in Christianity God doesn’t wear a skull and crossbones on his hat.

  9. CougarAllen commented on Skin Horse 19 days ago

    If you ain’t gonna get it on Take your dead ass home


  10. CougarAllen commented on The Knight Life 19 days ago

    A quick search indicates back in the 1990s Victoria’s Secret bought garments from a company that had them sewed with prison labor (female prisoners, if anyone cares). But “Victoria’s Secret swiftly ended that practice — Third Generation ended its contract with the prison by the mid-1990s.”