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  1. CougarAllen commented on Barney & Clyde 1 minute ago

    From their viewpoint, the only fence is between people who merely vote for politicians and those who invest in them. Investing in politicians from both parties is like owning both stocks and bonds – they get a good return on their investment no matter what happens.

  2. CougarAllen commented on Dinosaur Comics about 15 hours ago

    Pastis is published in mainstream newspapers, in what is considered primarily a children’s section. This strip is aimed at a different market.

  3. CougarAllen commented on The Argyle Sweater 5 days ago

    General Ambrose Burnside

  4. CougarAllen commented on Ali's House 8 days ago

    No results found for klonkieing


  5. CougarAllen commented on Clear Blue Water 11 days ago

    No, the US didn’t approve of Batista. We hired Castro to get up a revolution and overthrow Batista’s corrupt government. Then, after it was all over, THEN we noticed Castro was a Communist. Ackkkkkkkk! Whatever shall we do now??? Let’s spend the next 50 or 60 years trying to overthrow the government we created.

  6. CougarAllen commented on Lio 12 days ago

    “Travel agencies don’t exist anymore…”

    Let me google that for you:

  7. CougarAllen commented on Gil 12 days ago

    You can buy a new one if you want. They’re currently back in fashion.

  8. CougarAllen commented on Big Nate 15 days ago

    “The tree disappears in the second panel.”


  9. CougarAllen commented on That is Priceless 17 days ago

    This one time? At band camp?

  10. CougarAllen commented on Bad Machinery 19 days ago

    If soccer is anything like American ball sports, now they can sublet their seats for lots of money, so much money, the most money!