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  1. CougarAllen commented on Cul de Sac about 7 hours ago

    It wasn’t until this sequence that I realized staple is onomatopoeia.

  2. CougarAllen commented on The Academia Waltz 3 days ago

    Look at yesterday’s strip. That might be his first appearance.

  3. CougarAllen commented on Calvin and Hobbes 8 days ago

    I wanna be sedated:

  4. CougarAllen commented on Stone Soup 11 days ago

    A child should have a pocket!
    Supposin’ on the road
    He should come across a beetle
    or a lizard or a toad?
    However would he carry it,
    whatever would he do
    if he didn’t have a pocket
    to put it into?

  5. CougarAllen commented on Emmy Lou 16 days ago

    …and the same to you, Emmy Lou.

  6. CougarAllen commented on Dude and Dude 17 days ago

    I think he has bed head all the time.

  7. CougarAllen commented on Jim Benton Cartoons 18 days ago

    But did they steal enough for their re-election campaigns? That gets more expensive every time….

  8. CougarAllen commented on Arlo and Janis 19 days ago

    and all the news just repeats itself
    like some half-forgotten dream
    a movie we’ve both seen …

  9. CougarAllen commented on Richard's Poor Almanac 20 days ago

    True prophecy! They’ve already rediscovered pre-classic Peanuts:
    I expect the rest of the prophecies will come true soon …

  10. CougarAllen commented on Mr. Lowe 20 days ago

    Dennis the Short didn’t start at zero. He didn’t have the concept of zero as a number. Therefore there is no year zero, no century zero, and no millenium zero in his calendar. The calendar starts with year one, century one, millenium one.