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  1. CougarAllen commented on Basic Instructions about 3 hours ago

    Ice cream cones for breakfast!!!! I should have read this comic earlier – I already had breakfast today. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow! :D

  2. CougarAllen commented on Frazz 2 days ago

    “They keep on coming” – the Ramones wrote an enormous number of new songs per year, even more than the Rolling Stones.

  3. CougarAllen commented on Pickles 3 days ago

    I HOPE that’s a misspelling of turmeric. “Tumeric” doesn’t sound very healthy….

  4. CougarAllen commented on Jane's World 3 days ago

    According to all cartoonists there are NO sane humans.

    They’re probably right….

  5. CougarAllen commented on Pop Culture Shock Therapy 9 days ago

    Doesn’t he know the difference between a kingdom and a duchy? Delusions of grandeur?

  6. CougarAllen commented on Peanuts 9 days ago

    And a world-famous grocery clerk. (There are very few world-famous grocery clerks.)

  7. CougarAllen commented on Basic Instructions 12 days ago

    People won’t buy tickets just to see you walk back and forth on a rope. You have to do more than that to keep them entertained for more than a minute or two. Take a look at this Ukrainian lady on the slack rope:

    Can you do that? If you can, would anyone want to see you do it?

  8. CougarAllen commented on Skippy 14 days ago


  9. CougarAllen commented on Basic Instructions 14 days ago

    Look at the bright side! At least you’re not Canadian….

  10. CougarAllen commented on That is Priceless 16 days ago

    Docking a horse’s tail is supposed to be a surgical operation! You’re supposed to take him to a vetinarian, not just whip out your sword and twist around in the saddle! :(