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  1. onclewillie commented on Herb and Jamaal over 3 years ago

    Too bad @Stadium did not get one fact right. I enjoyed this series. After I finish this comment it comes off of my list. Thousands of young black men are murdered every year by other young black men. Why is the black community not addressing that outrage? Nope, they would rather make up a story filled with lies instead of taking the time to even listen to the original 9-1-1 tape. So long “Herb and Jamaal.” I hate racists and bigots.

  2. onclewillie commented on Steve Kelley over 5 years ago

    motivemagus just missed the boat. NPR and PBS have been notoriously biased almost from their inception. If anything, FOX was started as a counter to NPR and PBS.

    You can lie all you want but when the most senior white house corespondent upon her retirement declared she was a liberal and could not understand why anyone was anything but a liberal, you start to realize the magnitude of the media betrayal. The liberal media has inculcated people like motivemagus so long that they are unable to see the truth any longer.

  3. onclewillie commented on Tank McNamara almost 6 years ago

    Can’t agree with this one. Mr. James played his heart out in Cleveland. He left everything on the court the years he played on a very poor team and took them to the playoffs year after year. A decision to move to a team that would have a better chance of winning a championship is hardly a quality that should earn him the “Jerk of the Year.” He is the third reigning NBA MVP to jump teams the following year. I feel badly for Cleveland but the team management should have surrounded him with quality players and he would still be there.

  4. onclewillie commented on Dana Summers about 6 years ago

    Smoking and over-eating, regardless of food source, are all part of your own personal responsibility. I detest government telling me what to do, what to eat, what to believe or where to go. Besides, all those fat bleeep smoking a cigarette are going to hell anyway.

  5. onclewillie commented on Glenn McCoy about 6 years ago

    How true. Muslims don’t really care about Islam. They kill, maim and torture other Muslims, destroy holy books and blow up and burn down mosques. Yet let a christian even hint at burning a single quron and they demonstrate in the streets all over the middle east. There is something drastically wrong with their whole mindset. I would call them part of sick joke called Islam but gee, they might riot in the streets if I said that.

  6. onclewillie commented on Tank McNamara over 6 years ago

    The death penalty is needed for the NCAA. An outdated organization with outdated rules. If you dig deep enough into any major college sports power you will find rule breaking and bending. The simple reason is that the rules are some Pollyanna exercise without any touch of reality. Kids are barred from competition at the professional level and yet are asked to risk life and limb for little or no compensation. Don’t kid yourselves about the academic reward. Those kids are there to play their sport and education is just the bonus for those of them that can handle it.

  7. onclewillie commented on Tank McNamara over 6 years ago

    Frothing at the mouth Olbermann is an obscenity just by himself. He wasn’t any good as a sportscaster in LA and has gone downhill from there.