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  1. douthett72 commented on Steve Breen about 1 month ago

    Well then as a taxpayer I can tell the welfare receivers what they can eat, how much they have to exercise, whether or not if they can drink alcohol or smoke, what medication you should be on…etc. We already do this for the other things your mentioned.

    Bye bye freedom.

  2. douthett72 commented on Ted Rall 5 months ago

    Got to college or a trade school and after you graduate, they might hire you

  3. douthett72 commented on Stuart Carlson 8 months ago

    According to the USDA ‘U.S. livestock imports come from Canada and Mexico’ Not South America

  4. douthett72 commented on Jeff Stahler 9 months ago


  5. douthett72 commented on B.C. 9 months ago

    Spring? Where? We had snow this morning.

  6. douthett72 commented on Phil Hands 11 months ago

    I don’t care what anyone says. I rather support the young girls who are growing up into strong women. Two boxes of Thin Mints, please

  7. douthett72 commented on Matt Wuerker almost 2 years ago

    Most of the articls I read talk more about the Republican plan than any Dems plan. What I see in the Dems plan is a lot of talk about what they want as a result but no clue on how to achieve it

  8. douthett72 commented on Matt Wuerker almost 2 years ago

    Plan B – of course it didn’t fly but at least it was an idea.

  9. douthett72 commented on Matt Wuerker almost 2 years ago

    I’m an independent so I look at both cons and lib news so I can figure out the truth of the matter.

    One thing I’ve notice is that the Republicans seem to be trying to think up a plan to fix this mess; whether you agree with their plans or not is up to you but I don’t see any Democrat plans on how to fix this mess.

    So instead of telling me how horrible the Republicans are, tell me what the Democrat’ plan are. How to they expect to put people back to work or stop us going off the cliff? Stop telling me how bad some’s plan is and tell me how great your plan is.

  10. douthett72 commented on Matt Wuerker almost 2 years ago

    When they can’t or won’t sit down and figure things out like adults then yes they need the teacher to hold their hands and get them talking.

    Now all we need to do is find someone who can take the place of gthe teacher sicne Obama doesn’t seem to want the job